What Insurance Companies Cover PRP Injections?

What Insurance Companies Cover PRP Injections

Platelet-rich plasma is one of the therapies right now that are in demand. These are used for cosmetic purposes and to treat various medical conditions as well. As we all know insurance companies only for medical conditions. Here is what insurance companies cover PRP injections. These injections are of great use.

But the only drawback is that these are some of the most expensive injections and a normal person cannot afford these. So here is how you can claim for PRP injection from your insurance provider. And if they cover these are not. This will be a complete guide on this topic. 

Basics Of PRP Therapy

Before diving into the bill you should understand what this PRP therapy is. How is it done?  Here the doctor took a blood sample of the patient. And they isolate and concentrate the platelets of that patient. This preparation is useful in regenerating, healing, and providing nutrition to the body.

They then convert it into an injection and give it directly to the affected parts. It is common in hair loss and sports injury. It improves and strengthens the immune system of an individual. Because platelets help in fighting against the foreign objects in the body.

Injuries That Require PRP Therapy

Here is a list of some injuries that require this therapy. If you give PRP therapy to these injuries then the chance of healing increases.

  1. Any type of ligamental injury and tendinitis require this. It helps to heal the muscles very quickly. And give relief in a short amount of time.
  2. If you are dealing with hair loss and the growth of hair is very minimal. Then you can use this therapy. It is the most common use of PRP injection.
  3. Any type of body ulcer can use this injection. It helps in healing the wounds of the ulcers. Especially in diabetic patients.
  4. In tooth extraction and dental implants, this injection is necessary.

So PRP injection is necessary in a wide variety of diseases. And it can only happen by the doctor’s advice.

Companies That Cover PRP Injection Therapy

Few companies are clever for these injections. Because these injections can be used for cosmetic purposes only a few companies do this coverage.

Here is the list of such companies that cover PRP Injections.

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • United Healthcare
  • Medicare

These companies cover the PRP injection. However, there are specific documents that are necessary to fill out the claim. The claiming process is a little messy in this. 

Factors Affecting the Coverage Of PRP Injection

Here is a list of factors that can affect the claiming process for this therapy. Make sure that you understand these factors before applying for the claim of PRP injection.

Medical Necessity

A commonality among all insurance companies is that they usually cover treatments that are considered medically necessary.

PRP injections may be covered if a healthcare provider can demonstrate that they are necessary to treat a specific medical condition.


The specific diagnosis associated with PRP therapy plays a significant role in determining coverage. For Example, If a patient has osteoarthritis PRP therapy is a necessary part of their treatment plan. Then the coverage is on the insurance company.

Insurance Provider

Different insurance companies have varying policies and guidelines regarding coverage for PRP injections. Some may have more lenient policies, while others may require rigorous documentation and justification.

Policy Type

The type of insurance policy you have (e.g., private health insurance, Medicare, Medicaid) can impact coverage. Medicare, for example, does not provide coverage for PRP therapy as it is considered investigational.


Insurance coverage can also depend on where you live. State regulations and insurance laws can affect coverage decisions.


In conclusion, Here is what insurance companies cover PRP injections. Few insurance providers cover this therapy. PRP injection is one of the most expensive therapies. And the insurance company accepts the claim per injection. So the number of injections depends on the type of disease that you have and the severity of the disease.

Also, you will receive the claim only for the injection. So the doctor’s bill and the other medical fees will be paid by you only. So consider these things before applying for the insurance claim for PRP injection.

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