What Does Home Insurance Cover? | Chola MS

    What Does Home Insurance Cover? | Chola MS

    A home is among the most valuable and cherished assets that an individual owns. In fact, building, and owning an abode the way they want it to be, is a dream come true for many. It is the place that gives them both psychological and physical security.  It then becomes imperative to safeguard such an asset from unforeseen damages, including those caused as a result of disruptions in weather patterns, and other such threats. A home insurance cover provides a comprehensive plan that is aimed towards protecting your financial stability in house ownership.

    When it comes to home insurance India can go a long way in having more homeowners realize its importance. As it will prove helpful in case of the financial burden from unexpected loss or damage to the property, by paying to cover at least some of the resultant expenses.

    In this blog, we at Chola MS General Insurance cover the importance of buying home insurance in India and how to choose from the best available home insurance plans in a way that suits your particular financial needs and goals.

    What is Home Insurance and What Does it Cover?

    What is Home Insurance and What Does it Cover

    Home insurance is a financial safety net that aims to provide coverage for your property that can occur because of unexpected scenarios such as disasters or thefts. In India, a home insurance cover is trendy just as in any other country.

    Almost every citizen acquires home insurance that will provide them with the necessary financial support and safeguard them from danger. Given below are a few situations and types of coverage that this kind of insurance offers.

    Structural Coverage:

    First and foremost, home insurance offers structural coverage of the property. This includes the entire building and the foundation, against possible disasters such as earthquakes, floods, storms, landslides, or any other such naturally caused disasters.

    Contents Coverage:

    The second most common cause of damage to homes is through theft. The resulting damage could be loss of money alongside furniture, and other such personal belongings. Vandalism is also a possible cause of damage done to homes when away on travel. Therefore to combat such situations, it is required that one plans beforehand and acquires a home loan from a trusted insurance provider.

    Liability Protection:

    Similar to car insurance, a home insurance cover also provides liability protection. This provides ultimate protection to you if someone were to get injured on your property and if that makes you legally responsible for such a happening. The expenses that you have to incur for such damage can be mitigated with the help of home insurance cover as it provides cover for medical expenses and legal fees.

    Additional Living Expenses:

    If your home is in a repaired state or not suitable for living, this insurance can provide financial support to cover the cost of living in some other place temporarily.

    Natural Calamities in India:

    Considering India’s proclivity to natural disasters like floods and earthquakes, home insurance policies in India often include coverage for damages caused by these calamities. This can vary from one geographical location to another, therefore one must understand what is the best suitable insurance for your area.

    Chola MS Home Insurance

    Just as acquiring a home insurance cover is important. It is equally important to secure this from a trusted and efficient insurance provider. This requires that one put sufficient thought and research into making this a possibility.

    Chola MS Home Insurance is a leading player in the home insurance category and home insurance in India. It is a well-thought-out plan that provides a whole range of financial coverage for threats that can ensure your home. These are:

    Chola Home Package- Griha Raksha Policy:

    This policy is aimed at providing coverage if there are any losses incurred due to theft. A unique feature of Chola Home Insurance is the ability to not only safeguard your physical property. But also the assets that belong to your home. But this is dependent on the coverage opted, as it is possible to get coverage for only either of your buildings or the contents of your home.

    Chola MS Bharat Griha Raksha Policy:

    Under this insurance policy, you can protect your home and at the same time also protect the valuable assets that belong to your home. Do go through the details of the benefits and what is included in the policy to understand if it is the right one for you.


    Getting home insurance is a crucial step that one can take toward securing their finances. It covers a range of disasters and other possible threats that can cause damage to your property. When it comes to home insurance In India, making use of such a plan can be highly beneficial in the long run, as it gives you financial security and peace of mind.

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