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What does “found you via LinkedIn profile” mean

Are you confused about the ‘found you via LinkedIn profile’ message? I understand you may require more clarity if you are new to the platform, Or someone who occasionally surfs the website. LinkedIn as a platform has differentiated itself as the most professional-oriented social media website. A platform to network and share your professional ideas. But when people initially join the website, They may find the way around the website strange. Although; We categorize LinkedIn as a social media website, It is very different from Facebook, Instagram, etc. I’ll go through, in brief, explain to you about these terms on LinkedIn for better understanding.

There are different categorizations of ‘Found You’ messages that may seem cryptic to users that are new to the platform. I’ll go through all of those messages and explain to you briefly what they mean, including the ‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile’ message.

What does ‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile’ mean?

What does ‘Found you via LinkedIn Profile’ mean

People have many questions about this one. They could not understand what this meant. It is nothing but a message that suggests the individual who looked at your profile finds you through the LinkedIn profile itself. So if you ever notice that on the left side of the screen, certain profiles relevant to your network are being showcased, And whenever you click on those profiles, the other individuals will get a message that you have viewed their profile through a ‘found you via LinkedIn profile’ caption. This only means; That the recruiter or individuals found you directly from their own profile.

What does “Found you via Search” mean?

What does “Found you via Search” mean

This is self-explanatory and one of the most used ways to find new profiles. In this case, The individual has directly searched for your profile or job title, And then from the results click on your profile. Most of your views would directly come from this option only; Unless you have made your profile private. You can also make yourself anonymous if you wish to keep your profile hidden.

What does ‘Found via LinkedIn Company Pages’ mean?

What does Found via LinkedIn Company Pages’ mean

If you receive this message ‘Found via LinkedIn Company Pages:’ this suggests that the individuals found your profile through an intermediary page like in this case company. If you like a certain company page, comment, or if you work there. Other LinkedIn users can see and find your profile from that. If you have liked many pages, and you are quite active on comments, then you may notice that a lot of traction on your profile comes directly from those actions.

What does ‘Found you via Google search/other’ mean?

What does Found you via Google search/other mean

If you found this message, ‘Found you via Google search/other’, This means that somebody searched for your name on the Google search engine and then clicked on your profile. This is a good indication, That you are visible on the search engine. This can help recruiters to find you, and for your colleagues to connect with you as well. Of course, if you wish, you can disable the feature to make you appear in the search engine.

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