Watch free TV Channels, Movies, and Web Series with Thop TV on Televison

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Thop TV is an android application that provides you with free premium content. On their platform, you can find Movies, TV shows, and even Live Channels. They are one of the best in the application market. Due to google play store policy, You cant find the application on their store. But that doesn’t mean you can’t download the app. In this article, we’ll explore How to watch online free TV Channels, Movies, and Web Series with Thop TV on Phone, and Television. This article will help you watch Thop TV on all platforms very easily.

About Thop Tv and Safety

Thop Tv is developed by a group of Indian students. Because of their anonymity, you can’t know who is behind the app. But with certainty, The app is made in India. Thop Tv is not a new app; And has been around for some years. But their growth has exponentially exploded in the last few months. Because of their consistent new content upload and fast servers. They were the only app that Broadcast IPL seamlessly on their App without any issues.

The safety of the app is on the individual installing the application. We have installed the app, And have checked our phone with multiple viruses and malicious code checker, And we found nothing fishy in their code. Hundreds of Thousand of people use the Thop Tv app regularly and they have not to face any issues.

The app developer even has a Telegram app, Where they share updates and information about the app. Thop Tv is a community and available to others. If you want you can join their group, And ask about security they will assist you.

How to install Thop TV on Android

1) Download APK file of Thop TV

Thop Tv does not have its own website. The app circulates through third-party websites. It is essential to download the app from trusted websites, To avoid downloading a virus-stricken version. Here is the link for safe Thop TV app downloading. Once, You are on the page, Scroll and download the latest version of the app.

2) Allow Unknown Source Installation

By default, The option to install the third-party app is disabled in android. To enable the option, You need to open your phone settings and search for Unknown Apps. Once, You find the option enable the button, It may show a dialogue box about the dangers of enabling it, But don’t worry and enable it. After you have successfully done this part, You may do a reboot of your phone. This part is not essential, But also will do no harm to your phone.

3) Install the App & Setup

Now that we have laid the path for the next task. We need to finally install the application. Find the APK file in your download folder, or wherever you download path is. And than install the application. Once, You have installed it, You can open the app from the menu. If It asks for an update, Just press okay and wait for few minutes.

4) Setup Live Channels

Now that our application is ready to use. There is still one thing missing, Live Television. If you just want to watch movies and TV shows, You can just install the app. But if you want to watch Live Tv you need to go a little further. In their live tv section, You can choose either Jio Channels or Airtel Channels, But you must hold a sim card of any of those network carriers. Once, You click on the live TV channels, The app will ask for your phone, Make sure you give the one with the same network provider, And you’ ‘ll receive an OTP, That you need to enter. Once you entered the OTP you can watch hundreds of Live Channels for free.

Now that we can use free TV channels on Thop TV with Android Phone. I’ll share with you how to replicate the process with TV. If you are a Fire TV users, You have to follow a different path. But if you are Smart Tv users it is fairly easy to do so.

Smart TV Users

Downloading ThopTv on Android and Smart TV is very identical. Because a lot of Smart TV running on the Android OS only. So I am not going to repeat all the information thoroughly as I did with mobile installation, I’ll just briefly go through the steps to download and install the app.

1) First up all, you can visit this website and download the APK file of Thop TV

2) Then, enable the Unknown Source Installation path.

3) Install the application from the download path.

4) Open the application, And enjoy free movies and TV shows.

5) For Live Tv, You need to enter your phone number, And also share OTP from your Network Provider with them.

For Fire Tv Users

You don’t have to install the app from your TV. But first, have to install the app on your mobile phone. You can refer to the earlier steps to install the app. Once you have set up the app, Than download Apps2Fire  from plays tore. Now, Enable the developer option in your Fire Tv OS. In the Apps2Fire, You’ll find an option in the setup bar to search for new devices. Just click on that, And it will automatically find your TV. Make sure you are connected on the Same Wi-Fi, Once that done, Go to the Local Apps and click on the Thop Tv app and click push. This will send the file to your fire tv. Once that done, Install the App and Enjoy it.

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