Viewing Gmail on the screen of your Desktop Version of Gmail on Monitor

Viewing Gmail on the screen of your Desktop: Version of Gmail on Monitor

When one requests for the website of Gmail while working on his or her desktop, the resulting view of the Gmail desktop site would be different from the one that appears when one opens the Gmail Account on mobile.


Visiting websites by using a desktop is different from looking up for websites from mobile. The view of the window differs significantly from the mobile screen to monitor in terms of size. In addition to that the features visible in the window are also different in numbers.

View and Features

The version of the Gmail desktop site gives the user uninterrupted access to mails through Gmail on the monitor. The new version of this site is based on AJAX scripting. This latest version presents us with the offer to switch from the previous HTML version. Although it is better to prefer HTML version over AJAX for faster performance. The HTML view you can access by using this link “”.

In 2016 the latest update was done and developed to 1.2 version. This site contains a 159 kb English file. It was tried to be developed in a way that it displays a standard view along with the overall features of Gmail. This site stands better than the mobile view as it offers some of the features which are especially fail to work in the mobile version.

Desktop Version on Mobile

There are options to access the Gmail desktop site in the Android. The ‘hamburger’ menu of the Gmail app contains a list of Gmail labels where one can get the option of viewing Gmail in the Desktop version. Even while using an iPad or iPhone one can force the device to show the full version of Gmail by clicking the  option and selecting “Request Desktop Site” in Safari setting or this option is directly offered by Google Chrome app or else there would be a link for ‘Desktop’. But this thing will only be possible if the internet bandwidth is high.

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