Types Of Basement Waterproofing

    Types Of Basement Waterproofing

    There are a lot of different methods available for the basement waterproofing. It is important to get this done. Others it affects the overall property value. And if you are using your basement as storage then the water can damage your stuff too. Here is the guide for types of basement waterproofing. There are a lot of basement waterproofing that you can choose from. 

    Before selecting any basement waterproofing you have to consider the amount of water leaking and your budget for this. Here are some of the methods of waterproofing basements in Toronto.

    #1. The Exterior Waterproofing Method

    It is one of the most common and effective techniques to keep the water away from your basement. In this process, the experts dig around your house and place a sheet all around the house. Hence when the water comes in contact with the shield it repels the water. And prevent the entry of water into your house or in the basement.

    Here you can also use the water-repelling tiles. These tiles will make the water go away by repelling the water. This method is very expensive and consumes time. Also, there might be very much in digging and fitting the shield but it will protect the house in the best possible way.

    #2. The Interior Waterproofing Method

    Another very frequent way to utilize the basement waterproofing. In this, a drainage system is used around your basement. In this system, the collected water is moved towards a pump and the pump throws the accumulated water away from the house. And then protects your basement and the whole house from water leaks and other problems. 

    It is a better solution than external waterproofing. Because it is more cost-efficient. However, If you are looking for ways to completely stop the water entrance then the external system will work best for you. Because in the interior basement waterproofing it is essential to remember that experts primarily design them to deal with water already in your basement.

    #3. Crack Injection Method

    If your house has cracks and the water is entering through the crack then you can solve the the problems with this method. Here you can easily fill the cracks with the help of epoxy. However careful filling is required in this. Another famous material that is used in this process is polyurethane.

    This is a very cost-efficient solution. And it will also take no time to get this done. But this will work only for small cracks. If you have big visible cracks then you have to go with alternate solutions. Because these materials do not hold the big cracks much efficiently. 

    #4. Paint And Dry Lock Method

    There are a lot of people at think that drydock and painting is the worst way to stop entering of water in the basement. But it is not true. This method works up to a very great extent. This method will stop the entering of water into the basement walls. But if you want to get rid of the root of the problem then you might have to take some other steps. 

    If the water accumulates around your house then there are high chance that this method will not work for you. Because it can hold the cracks only till a certain resistance. 

    How To Select The Best Solution?

    There are a lot of factors that you should consider before finalizing your basement waterproofing. Your budget, the amount of water, and how long you want to stop the water entering your basement affect the decision a lot. Interior basement waterproofing is hassle-free and a cheaper option than outdoor waterproofing. 

    However, if you are looking for a long-lasting solution then you should go with outdoor waterproofing. You can go with sealling also if you have cracks in your walls. Then you have to seal the walls. And there is a high chance that after sealling the walls the water will stop entering the basement.


    In conclusion, here is the guide on types of basement waterproofing. You can choose the best method for yourself for basement waterproofing. By considering your budget and the condition of your basement you can choose any of the suitable methods. If you are confused then you can get help from the service provider as well. 

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