Learn How To Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

Learn How To Turn on Samsung TV Without Remote

Of course, Samsung is one of the leading brands, as far as technology is concerned. This leading Tv brand often offers innovative technology, but while turning on a Samsung tv without a remote, you need to look for that simple power button.

Power Button: To Turn ON/OFF Samsung Tv

Use power button to turn on Samsung tv (without remote)

Oftentimes, our tv remote won’t work at that crucial moment, you can miss a football match.

However, the simplest way to turn on a Samsung tv without a remote is to press the power button. The power button in Samsung TVs is usually located on the corners of the TV, beneath the front panel, the downside of the red light.

Controllers in samsung tv

Also, there are control buttons, round the corners of your tv. You can control your tv, with limited functionality.

To Learn How To Find Power Button on Your Samsung TV?

If you still can’t find the power button on your tv, then Samsung has a solution for you. You can download the user manual and find the power button to control your Samsung smart tv without a remote.

You can type your Samsung tv model name, and download a user manual. In that user manual, you have to see where your power button is-

  • Download User Manual
  • Enter your Samsung Tv Model Name in the search box.
  • Download the manual.
  • Find the power button section.
  • Find the power button and that’s it!

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Wrapping Up

So, that’s it for the article, after turning on your TV, you can easily operate it with the video source’s remote.


Else you can install remote controlling apps on your mobile or tablet. Firstly, You can go to the Play Store or App Store and then search for Samsung Tv Remote Control and download on the basis of ratings.

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