Top 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers Available at Market in 2020

Top 8 Best Bluetooth Speakers Available at Market

Are you having a party with friends?

Do you like to spend your leisure time by listening rock music?

Or are you planning for a beautiful romantic dinner with your beloved one at your own dining with a calm romantic song?

So for putting a charm to all that situation all you need a good speaker. It adds a special advantage if it allows you to control it from a distance. There comes the Bluetooth speakers to fulfill your all needs.

8 Finest Bluetooth Speakers Available in Marketplace (2020)

8 Finest Bluetooth Speakers Available in Marketplace

Bluetooth speakers traveled a long journey from being weak and tiny headset to a loud speaker with kicking bass response. In this era of technology we have an array of new inventions in the series of Bluetooth paired sound amplifiers. Among them some are stylish, some are waterproof, some are rugged and also in different size and shapes, but they all are not the hottest product around. So which particular one will you choose?

We are here to introduce you some of the best Bluetooth speaker that will help you to choose yours one.

1) UE Boom 3

Straight forwardly the best cordless speaker

UE Boom 3 - Bluetooth speaker


Weight: 544g | Battery life: 15 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet | Frequency: 90Hz-20kHz | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

UE Boom 3 is the product which make you love every features in it. It’s a brilliant combination of beautiful design with powerful sound. If you are a party guy or simply like your music loud then the UE Boom 3 might be just what you want.

It offers clear audio without distortion at high volumes. Being lightweight you can carry it with you wherever you want. That all makes it the best Bluetooth speaker at its price range.

2) JBL Charge 3

Justifies the price according to sound and features

JBL Charge - Bluetooth Speaker


Weight: 798g | Battery life: 20 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet |

Frequency response: 65Hz-20kHz | Aux-in: Yes | USB Charging: Yes

JBL is one of the most popular brand it the bucket of audio accessories. JBL Charge 3 offers excellent sound quality with kicking bass and also a lot of features.

It keeps his place in our list because of its performance during long term use, in an addition to it the product is waterproof. JBL is one of the most reliable brand that keeps all features properly as they offers.

3) UE Wonderboom

Best sounding waterproof speaker

UE Wonderboom - Bluetooth Speaker


Weight: 450g | Battery Life: 12hours | Wireless range: 100 feet

Frequency response: 85Hz-20kHz | Aux-in: Yes | USB Charging: Yes

UE Wonderboom is another product from UE family which offers 360˚ sound effect. Also you can pair multiple device to a single speaker. In its price range UE wonderboom is the best Bluetooth speaker according to quality and user friendly features as its tiny size and being waterproof.

4) Marshal Kilburn

An antique look with excellent sound quality

Marshal Kilburn - Bluetooth Speaker


Weight: 3Kg | Battery Life: Up to 20 hours | Wireless range: 100 feet

Frequency response: 85Hz-20kHz | Aux-in: Yes | USB Charging: Yes

If you need a speaker to carry with you then Marshal Kilburn is not the product to add your bucket. It’s little large and heavy to carry and also doesn’t comes with water resistance feature.

If you can compromise all that and only focusing at the sound quality than Marshal Kilburn is made or you. It looks as much traditional that it can be a part of showpiece on your living room.

5) Bose Soundlink Mini II

Simply it’s old but shins like gold

Bose Soundlink Mini II - Bluetooth Speaker


Weight: 670g | Battery life: 12 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet |     Frequency: N/A | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: Yes

The Bose soundlink Mini II is a more than 5 year old product but still giving his best job, that makes it one of this list. Its stiller sound and tank like build quality still taking attention of modern customers.

Because of its compact form factor it offers a deep bass and clear audio in high volume. The only drawback of this speaker is, it doesn’t offers multipoint Bluetooth. If you are a single user than it’s the perfect one to add your bucket.

6) BoAt Stone 1000

Pure funky party look with outstanding performance

BoAt Stone - Bluetooth speaker


Weight: 1.6Kg | Battery life: 8-10 hours | Wireless range: 30+ feet | Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: No

BoAt is also a well-known name when you are saying about electronics accessories. It’s a waterproof rugged design speaker with set of 14 watt stereo speaker so there is no issue about its performance.

Because of its compact build quality also you don’t have to worry about safety of the speaker.

7) Google Nest Mini

Simply the smartest one

Google Nest Mini - Bluetooth Speaker


Weight: 181g | Battery life: N/A | Wireless range: 30 feet | Aux-in: No |    Frequency response: 90Hz-20kHz | USB charging: Yes | Wi-Fi: 802.1

The Google Nest Mini is not the regular one like others in the list. It’s the smartest one among them. It offers a lot more than a regular speaker like internet connectivity, voice control and controls all other connected smart devices wirelessly.

As a speaker it give two times stronger bass than the others and for smart voice control the speaker keeps itself in trend.

8) Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen

Comes with a smart voice, Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd gen - Bluetooth Speaker


Weight: 300g | Battery life: N/A | Wi-Fi: 802.1 | Wireless range: N/A |  Frequency: 20Hz-20kHz | Aux-in: Yes | USB charging: No

It doesn’t comes in the list of Bluetooth speakers. It’s one of the best smart speaker at that minimal price range. It has a fancy look with a led clock and also offers good sound quality.

The feature makes it unique is Alexa who smartly helps you to control itself with the other smart home devices.

Now there was a clear view of few best Bluetooth speakers among thousands of them, that help you to choose yours one. So now pick it up and hit it up.

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