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Top 5 ways where you can use Amazon gift card besides amazon

In this article, we’ll answer the question ‘Where can I use an Amazon gift card besides Amazon’. We have regarded Amazon as the shop of the world. You can effectively buy anything that you want from this platform. It’s a straightforward decision that the platform is the first choice of people to buy and share gift cards with others. We widely used Gift Cards as an alternative to cash, and you may receive the same on many other occasions apart from gifts.

There are a lot of survey companies that would pay you with a gift card for your valuable input about certain products. It could also be possible that your company threw around $100 gifts for Christmas. If you have accumulated some Gift Cards and don’t want to just use them on Amazon, I’ll share with you 5 ways to use Amazon gift cards besides amazon.com.

The Best Five ways where you can use Amazon gift card besides amazon

1) Exchange your Gift Card for Cash

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This is the traditional way to get rid of those extra gift cards for some cash. There are numerous online portals on the net. That would allow users to buy & Sell Gift Cards. Although, these websites take a certain amount of cut from your Gift Card’s actual value. This could mean that you may only get about 80 to 85% of the value from your Gift Cards.

There are popular websites that you can try are CardCash, GiftCardGranny, and GiftDeals. If you wish to save onto that 10 – 15% commission, you can approach friends and family to buy your Gift Cards. As Amazon is something most Americans would use, your friends and family won’t have a hard time spending the Gift cards for their usage.

2) Try eBay to Sell Quick

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eBay is notoriously known for buying and selling anything on the internet. From computer parts to aeroplane engines. It would have been shambolic; If you could not have been able to sell gift cards on this website. You can easily list your cards on the website; And can expect to sell your cards within some hours sometimes. Although still, you won’t get 100% value of your cards, still you may save a little more compared to online marketplaces for Gift card buying and selling.

3) Trade your Gift Cards for Bitcoin

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The sale or exchange of a Gift Card is not possible in countries where Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash. Then you can make use of Bitcoins for this transaction. There are many websites that would allow you to purchase Bitcoins using Gift Cards and once you have purchased the cryptocurrency, then you can sell it for actual cash in your local currency. This method takes a little while as you have to create multiple website accounts, and then sell your gift cards. But this is worth the shot if you cannot do transactions in your local currency. There are plenty of websites that you can use to buy bitcoins with an Amazon gift card Paxful, CoinCola, and Conisbee.

4) Make use of Facebook Marketplace

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This one needs a cautious approach if you are trying to sell your Gift Cards using the Facebook marketplace. Because there is no middleman in here, so there are rooms for you to get scammed. You should only do business with people that you can trust on this platform. Yet, Facebook stands tall in the number of users that browse the platform daily, so it’s still a lucrative and quick way to reach a massive audience with your product to sell. Of course, Gift Cards are sold at a discounted value of between 5 and 10%.

5) Buy Online & Offline Subscription

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So, if you do not wish to use your gift cards on amazon. You can use the same to purchase an online subscription like Netflix with your gift card. Not just Netflix, Amazon offers a variety of different platform subscriptions to purchase from its platform. So if you are not into Netflix, there are other subscriptions like Hulu, Disney+, and many more. Not just online subscriptions, you can also buy Subway gift cards to buy meals and other items on the menu.

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