Top 3 Highly Rated Recipe Apps for Low Caloric Intake Diet

    Top 3 Highly Rated Recipe Apps for Low Caloric Intake Diet

    In these days, we as people have been busy as hell. It is all about the grind. You know it’s a necessity and yet tend to decline the basic thing we require as humans –nutrition.

    In this, hustle and bustle with things, we just forget to eat right, let alone plan our meals. Because of that, our meals tend to be based on takeout or eating fast food (Processed, amazing-tasting goodness, sure!) But, it is not the right fuel for our bodies.

    This further leads to health issues and in return drops our performance in our daily life. How do we change or shift to better-eating lifestyles? Read on about an effective way, that all boils down to management and effective control and monitoring methods.

    Daily Nutrition Management Made Easy By Online Applications

    Technology has made it easy for us to manage our time and make it easy to find recipes, and make grocery store lists on our phones. This makes finding solutions in a busy routine easy and provides simple ways to provide nutrition to your body.

    You can easily find applications that can help you work with fresh ingredients and simple recipes that will help you create some great dishes, and make an appetizing feast for your palate. The question is, “What do you need”?

    Your phone is just enough but if you prefer, you can cook while watching the recipes on the big screen. But, no one wants a lag while looking up important information, watching videos, and finding some great recipes. Therefore, we suggest having a high-speed internet connection at home. One of the most picked options of Xfinity is what we suggest, suitable for home internet and some amazing high-speed internet plans.

    You can check up on the plans and offerings through Xfinity customer service. With your internet up-to-date, you can follow your daily activities more smoothly and find the best easy low-calorie recipes to keep your body energized for the daily grind –and don’t forget to keep the mind healthy in the process too.

    It is equally important to give rest to your mind and have fun whenever you eat out. Read further on the best applications to make low-calorie recipes for healthy dieting ways:

    #1. PlateJoy

    Price: $$$

    Grocery List: Yes

    Recipe Database: Yes

    Nutritional Database: Yes

    PlateJoy is owned by the same parent company that owns, the widely known health-based site Healthline. This app is widely used to build meal plans for individuals or even families. It accounts for your dietary needs and your body’s health goals, be it weight loss, weight maintenance, and other health issues like diabetes or cholesterol.

    PlateJoy is user-friendly and provides great videos for cooking. It has a great customization function. It will also provide nutritional information for all recipes and you can even sync it with your wearable watches, for tracking purposes.

    A Balanced Plate badge highlights options PlateJoy has deemed nutritious. But it does take time to flag one as a balanced plate. For Healthline readers, the app is $4.99 per month. While, a monthly subscription is $12.99, and a 6-month membership at $69, or an annual one is $99. This is great, and yearly ones cost less overall, but prices may change over time too.


    Price: Free

    Grocery List: Yes

    Recipe Database: Yes

    Nutritional Database: Paid

    Yummly has more than 2 million recipes, to choose from. It has a variety of options to choose from according to your tastes and preferences. Yummly is the go-to app for the right kind of healthy cooking.

    The recipes come sifted and sorted for calorie-counted meals and weight-loss meals, organized by the course, diet, and the ingredients required, making it easy to find something that works for you and your limited time.

    You can also add new ingredients, or minus some according to preferences and health issues. You can also add ingredient shopping lists, add smart appliances, and create customer collections.

    While the app is free to use, it is $4.99 per month, you can access premium features including detailed cooking guides, nutritional information for each recipe, recommended recipes based on the personal goals of people, and additional tools to streamline your meal planning with management apps.

    #3. Mealime

    Price: Free

    Grocery List: Yes

    Recipe Database: Yes

    Nutritional Database: Paid

    Mealime is a great app that helps you make customizable meal plans that you can tailor to your own specific needs. It will suggest you food items that will help you build a calorie deficit. This is also a great app to manage your budget for food and make healthy but delicious recipes.

    This app also allows you to account for your food preferences, allergies, and how simple you want your meals to be. You will color photos, ingredient lists, and how-to-make guides, and even suggest details according to your portion sizes.

    However, some recipes and details are on the paid version of the app and will be locked. The paid version also allows for meal plans, and nutrition information with each recipe, and you can save as many recipes as you want.

    The basic version is free while the pro version is $2.99/month and available on both iOS and Android platforms.

    Some Pros & Cons of the Applications:

    ApplicationsRating Of AppsProsCons
    PlateJoyiPhone Rating: 4.7 stars   Android Rating 4.1 starsEasy recipes with nutritional information.Personalize recipes with diet preferences, allergies, other health conditions, and equipment needed.Balanced Plate badges help make healthy choices, a habit.The cost may change and is higher than most apps, for most people.Recipes are limited to what is present in the app’s database.The free trial is only 10 days and less free choices to test it.
    YummlyiPhone Rating: 4.8 stars   Android Rating: 4.5 starsYou can find recipe recommendations. Recipe videos help learn new cooking skills.The virtual pantry helps to keep a check of ingredients and help make your grocery list.Meal planning only on the paid version of the appNo free version beyond the 30-day free trial.Original recipes in the paid version only
    MealimeiPhone Rating: 4.8 stars   Android Rating: 4.6 starsGet started free. Easy and fast recipes are available.The pro version is inexpensive in terms of others.No nutritional information, preferences, or customization is accounted for in the free version.Many extensive recipes are only in the pro version.

    Conclusive Note

    This was all about the most useful apps you can download for low-calorie recipes. While it helps with keeping a balanced diet, you can find eating healthy easier too. These apps can become the next best thing in your life and will work to transform you from the inside out. But remember –consistency is key.

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