Top 10 technologies to learn in 2023

Top 10 technologies to learn in 2020

Technology is a by-product of change. Whenever we assume we couldn’t innovate more, Our expectations shatter from the future. Although some technologies are evergreen, That does not fade away quickly. But there are some which don’t last even for a decade. So it becomes a necessity, To learn technologies which have a foreseen future. There are so many technologies out there, Which look exciting and promising. But only a few dozens offers a great future. We have made a detailed analysis, On these technologies, So you can learn them in 2020.

 List of top 10 technologies to learn in 2023

1. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

2. BigData


4.Internet of Things (IoT)

5.Cloud Computing

6.Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality


8.Machine Learning

9.Cyber Security

10.RPA- Robotic Process Automation

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not just limited to sci-fi Hollywood movies. Enginers from around the world are embracing this technology. AI is driving a revolution in the world. Think tanks from around the globe have made the conclusion that—AI is the future. The robust technology is very popular in multiple fields like Healthcare, Entertainment, Military, etc. According to a report from Markets and Markets, The AI market will be more than $190 billion by 2025. If you are looking to get your piece of pie from this future gigantic industry. You should Learn Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in 2020.

Big Data

Big Data

Big Data is digital gold to corporations. Data accumulated in large sizes need to declutter. People who can help this company harvest this digital gold can make a six-figure income. The demand for this job is higher than its supply. Companies are gathering data so large in sizes that it becomes impossible to extract them manually. If you learn this skill of extracting data and process it to create statistics and business plans. Then be ready to make big bucks. There is an abundance of work available for this type of job. Because companies have been gathering data even before this technology. In case, they could do something meaningful with the data in the future.



The buzz isn’t over yet. Blockchain is gaining immense popularity because of bitcoins. But the technology is not limited to bitcoins. Blockchain uses cryptography to monitor and verify data passed by the previous block. The technology makes use of the democratic way by using multiple devices connected to a global network to verify transactions. It is said that Blockchain is safer than many big banks and corporations, That spend billions on their digital security. The technology is virtually unhackable. LinkedIn has made a bold report, Keeping blockchain above Could Computing and Artificial Intelligence. Learning this skill will make you a valuable asset to many companies.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Internet of Things (IoT)

If I had to sum-up this skill—Making traditional things smart through the internet. We have already adopted IoT as part of our life. From your smart Air-Conditioning to your Voice Assistant. IoT has already conquered a lot of traditional products and made them smart. And with internet penetration increasing steadily across the world. The trend of IoT is not going anywhere. With 5G, IoT will be one of the most valuable skills to have to get a high paying job. If you want to make the world a better place, And also make a six-figure income than Add Internet of Things to your todo list.

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing is not the future, It is present. Today when ideas just don’t die in people’s minds. And becomes reality through startups and companies. This technology is promising a great future for them. Before Cloud Computing you have to buy your own servers to run your company. But today you can easily rent them from a different part of the world. You are not liable for anything when you rent. Could Computing companies are offering services, Even for an hour. So that you only pay for what you use. This technology is bringing down the cost of many companies and making rich people who have the know-how of this technology.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality, we have heard of it, Many of us have used it. But VR technology is more than watching a movie in 360-degrees. The use of this technology will blow your mind. VR and AR are been used by medical professionals to treat patients remotely. It is helping business to sell clothes and products to the customer by offering a 3D representation of their product. You can experience things like never before. Companies are looking for skilled individuals who can contribute to this great technology. Nasa is also using VR and AR to train their astronauts.



Angular is a framework for web developers. It is a typescript technology that enables developers to create dynamic web-pages and applications. It is widely been adopted by many developers around the globe. Due to its simplicity and powerful programming. Companies today are demanding software engineers have this skill in their resume. You can build great apps and software for multiple platforms like Windows, IOS and android with Angular. The growth of this framework is not slowing down anytime soon. Angular demand is estimated to increase in near-future, So having this skill is a must for developers.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the brain of a machine. It enables the machine’s ability to think and act upon the situation, With the help of previous data. ML is only possible with AI. Because it is an application of Artificial Intelligence. If you want to replica someone’s behavior or voice you can make it possible through Machine Learning. It has the ability to learn by itself. And train more from learning. Like software, Once you created you can make infinite copies. Same one’s you build a robot, It can create infinite robots by itself. AI and MI are contributing immensely to the space industry. To learn ML you need AI-first.


Cyber Security

CyberSecurity is not going anywhere, It is one of the oldest technology. Ever since the internet craze took over the world. Threats from hackers were also concerns. To counter this we have come with Anti-virus and Advanced protection for our devices. But as technology advances hackers are becoming more sophisticated in their work. And with internet penetration being all-time high. The threat from hackers is real. Companies like Google and McAfee are spending billions in creating secure programs to protect against this problem. And to make this all possible, They are looking for good-cybersecurity experts. Making six-figure income as an ethical hacker is not news.

Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

RPA- Robotic Process Automation

Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a real job-taker If you are relying on low-level skillset jobs. Like interacting with software, managing user portal, etc. Then this is an alarming situation for you, To increase your Skillset for future jobs. Many jobs like chat support are already being shattered by chatbots. With low maintenance, RPA is becoming the first choice for many businesses. If you do not want to become a liability in this fast-changing world, Than act now. Learning this technology will give you a competitive edge, you can secure a high paying job for the future with RPA.

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