To Learn how to make a fake nose ring?

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Fake nose rings are alternative to painful piercings. You will require only 3 things to make these at home. Material required for the fake nose rings is wire, pencils and pliers.

Step by step guide for how to make a fake nose ring?

Girls use a lot of accessories in their day-to-day life like bracelet nose pins rings earrings extra. but sometimes wearing these accessories can be a hassle. To wear earrings and nose rings girls need to pierce their ear lobes and nose. This itself is a very painful process. All these piercings can harm the skin. I see many girls doing multiple piercings on their bodies, around the ear, and even on the tongue.

Although this is a matter of choice, all these piercings are very harmful to your skin. On the other hand, there are some girls who want to wear all these beautiful accessories but they are not ready to bear the pain that it requires. Fake nose studs and nose rings are alternative options for those who are not ready for nose piercing. In this article, I will give you a DIY on how to make a fake nose ring. These fake nose piercings look as good as real.

Material required for fake nose ring

This DIY is very simple; you will find all the required material in any craft shop near you. And within 5 to 6 minutes you can prepare for a fake nose piercing. Here is the list of items:

  • A wire or headpin
  • A pencil or pen
  • A pair of pliers

You can choose what type of material you want for your nose ring like gold, silver, colourful, etc. thickness of the fake nose ring also matters if you want a thick nose ring then you can use a headpin otherwise florist wires work wonderfully. If you are trying the fake nose ring DIY for the first time then I will suggest you go with the thin one. This will give you ideas.

1) Firstly, You will require pens to create the round shape of the nose ring.

2) Pliers will require you to give shape to your hoop.

3) You can even use the jewel beads sequin wire. These wires are in trend now and look very different too.

DIY steps for fake nose ring

If you have collected all the necessary ingredients then you can start making your nose ring by simply following these steps.

Step-1: Cut 3 to 4 inches of your wire/ headpin. Make sure you measure the length properly.

Step-2: Now wrap the wire pin around your pen or pencil to create a round shape. Now slide down the wire carefully without destroying the shape of the wire.

Step-3: If any excess wire is left then cut the wire with the help of pliers.

Step-4: Now for the safety purpose bent the 1/4th end into an O or U shape. Do not bend wire more than the mentioned length otherwise the nose ring will not fit. This bending will keep your nose safe from any wire cuts. So you can use these fake nose rings for longer hour periods.

Step-5: Just put the nose ring around your nose to check the fitting. If it is short then you can take a little extra wire in the first step. And if it is perfect then you are good to go.


Some people also use duct tapes to secure the ends of the nose rings. Of course, It’s completely up to you if you want duct tapes or not. Nose studs are almost similar to the nose rings; the only difference is that you will need to stick the studs with the help of glue. Now you can easily make your desirable nose ring within a few minutes at home. And it will not cost more than $2.

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