“This person is unavailable on messenger”- How To Solve?

How To Solve "This person is unavailable on messenger" Issue

When trying to connect to someone on Messenger, is there a message saying they are not available? How do you explain its presence? What are the possible solutions to the problem?

Of course, Facebook has become an unavoidable part of our daily lives in the era of social media. You can get incredible news on Facebook. In addition, FB Messenger offers an impressive chat experience, a status feed, quick videos, and more, among its many features.

Facebook Messenger

Unlike the Facebook web, the Facebook application has a dedicated messaging application to chat with FB friends. Messenger offers you a lot of services along with all new updates. Basically, it offers text and voice message sharing. In addition to that, it has a high-quality voice and video calling feature and a lot of exciting emoji and gifs for fun.

With all the exciting features, it also has some issues that make the users a little worried. On occasion, when you try to message someone and your appropriate Facebook messenger shows the error like ‘this person is unavailable on messenger.’ Here is why you have this issue and what you can do about it.

What the message means is ‘this person is unavailable on messenger.’

There’s nothing more confusing than seeing the message “this person is unavailable on messenger” whenever you try to message one of your friends.

#1 The user deactivated his Facebook profile.

Deactivate Account Popup Screen

Sometimes the users deactivate their accounts to stay away from the social media platforms. So, they just deactivate their Facebook profile. In that case, you cannot find him on Facebook, but you still see him on Facebook messenger. Now, if you try to message him, Messenger will not allow you to do so. In the space where you usually type a message, you will find a box with a message-‘this person is unavailable on messenger’.

Once the user changes his mind and activates his account, you will be able to send him a message like before.

#2 The user has deleted his Facebook profile.

Facebook Profile Delete Account Screen

This issue will be shown if the user has decided to delete his account permanently. Social media users often switch from one platform to another due to some privacy issue or just board with one. If someone deleted his account or is pending to delete his account, then you cannot send him a message.

If the user changes his mind to get back his profile, he can retrieve his account within 90 days. Once he comes back to Facebook, you again will be able to send him messages.

#3 Facebook has removed or banned the user.

The app has banned this user error message

If someone violates Facebook’s community rules or finds any security issue, Facebook removes the id. Just like others, in this case, you will not be allowed to send any messages to the user. Here the user has to go through a verification process to lift the ban from his account.

 #4 The user has blocked you or vice versa.

In some circumstances, if a user blocks you on Facebook, you will not be able to message him. A similar thing happens if you block someone on Facebook and you can’t contact him on Messenger. So, you can just check whether he blocked you and you just blocked the user by mistake. If it’s from your side, then simply unblock him and continue messaging.

#5 Users don’t have the messenger app.

Upon no longer using a specific messenger app, you will see this person is unavailable on your Messenger app. Usually, you can send a message to someone even if the user uses the browser to text you. But sometimes Facebook’s algorithm finds it a security violation, so Messenger blocks you from sending him messages.

Each of these circumstances can lead to the ‘this person is not available on Messenger’ error. In all cases, you have to solve them accordingly. If still, you cannot send him a message from Messenger, then try Facebook web. You can also try reinstalling the messenger application.


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