The role of gils as the main currency in Final Fantasy 14 and all the ways to earn them

    The role of gils as the main currency in Final Fantasy 14 and all the ways to earn them

    FF 14 is a logical continuation of a long storyline from the company Squire Enix. Which invites new players to plunge into the world of the future and fight against the invasion of monsters.

    The player will choose his class and fully think over and draw his avatar. Or choose a ready-made template. Which will then participate in all quests and screensavers, adding uniqueness to you.

    In fact, it’s not really important at what pace you will level up. Because it depends solely on your ambition, free time, and desire to speed up your gameplay.

    In fact, you can level up quickly in order to catch up with the level of the best and most motivated players. Or slowly but thoughtfully in order to accumulate good equipment and weapons that will bring more pleasure from the game in the endgame.

    An important role in this is played by Gil! The local currency of Final Fantasy and resources that can be accumulated, sold, or used in the production of professions.

    If you are so carried away with leveling up that at level 90, you are left with poor equipment that does not allow you to play comfortably and join strong groups.

    Then, you can spend time on raids and finding players who will accept you under such conditions. Or simply ffxiv buy gil from a professional service and start your gameplay more comfortably and correctly.

    What are Gils

    What Are Gils?

    Gil is a currency that is used in the Final Fantasy territory for various transactions for the purchase and sale of items between players and NPCs.

    You can earn them in different ways. But your success depends on their presence in your inventory.

    For Gil or rather their quantity, you can buy everything that can be transferred from player to player. Which no boosting or other activities can give you. Look for earning Gil in Final Fantasy 14 in any way. And learn to distinguish between valuable and profitable activities and a waste of time.

    For example, events and other formats that will bring you a lot of resources. Or the opportunity to develop a profession to strengthen your hero. Or sell new items to other players and get a lot of Gil for it.

    Grinding and hunting in locations

    Grinding and hunting in locations

    The easiest and most correct way to get a lot of game currency is to hunt where you can get a large number of different resources that will be useful for all types of potential professions that you can engage in.

    if desired, to create unique equipment and weapons for yourself and other players to sell for Gils.

    If you don’t like crafting, then you can simply sell all the accumulated resources and materials and receive FF 14 gil for it from artisans and other interested players.

    You need to choose a hunting location that is comfortable for the chosen hero.

    Mages need a place with the ability to gather monsters in groups and deal massive damage to them. And need safe zones in case they need mana regeneration.

    Warriors need similar conditions. But it is extremely important to find a location in which there will be a minimum of long-range monsters that can cause damage to you. Combined with the total damage, these attacks can become fatal under the general onslaught.

    The Daggerman wants the enemies to be positioned one at a time and close enough that you can jump on them for a series of attacks. But not so close that they all engage in combat at once. Massive damage is not the strong point of these classes.

    The Challenge for Support Classes in Solo Grinding

    It is difficult for supports – Healers, and buffers to level up by grinding. Due to the long time they spend killing even one monster, grinding and getting gils in FF 14 is about pace and speed. Otherwise, it is more profitable to simply concentrate on quests that will not very well bring you coveted rewards faster. But at least you will receive a stable reward for your efforts.

    Group Dynamics: A Game-Changing Exception

    True, there is one important exception – If you gather your own group, or join a ready-made one. In order to unite attacking, defensive, and supporting players together and destroy a large number of monsters at once, and then, despite the division of gil and experience due to quantity and quality, you will receive even more experience and other resources.

    Cooperative Strategies for Optimal Efficiency

    The tank will collect and hold a large number of monsters. The healer and buffer will heal him weaken enemies and strengthen allies. Attacking heroes will use fast and powerful attacks to reset the health reserves of all monsters.

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    Quests and tasks

    If you like a more stable format for gaining Gil and experience despite your game class and potential then it is best to turn your attention to the quest system, which consists of plot and secondary tasks.

    It’s simple – You find NPCs who are ready to give you tasks. Look at the location to complete and the total reward that you will receive for completing all the tasks. And if everything suits you, then take it on and move forward.

    Quests should, first of all, bring experience. But many of them will also have a fixed reward in the form of Gil. But do not forget that you either have to pass orders or kill monsters. And in the case of the second option, you will also receive rewards from killed monsters. And this is always Gil, resources, and various equipment and weapons – if you are lucky.

    Don’t forget about the secondary tasks that the world of Final Fantasy is simply filled with.

    Finding them is not difficult – If you meet the required level to accept them, the corresponding mark will light above the NPC.

    Such tasks will not always be profitable. And therefore you should always look for the reward before taking it on.

    Unprofitable quests can only be taken in one case – If you go to a location where you can complete it along with the main and more profitable ones. Otherwise, it’s just a waste of time.

    Story missions will always be voluminous and long. But profitable. The rest of the gameplay needs to be built around them. And then you will be guaranteed a stable increase in Gil in Final Fantasy.

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