The Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas

    The Dos and Don'ts of Filing a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas

    Even today bicycle is a very popular choice for transportation. People think it is an easy and healthy way of transportation. But with increasing use, the number of accidents also increases. The bicycle accident number is so high in Las Vegas. We are offering the Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas. It is essential to know about filing lawsuits for bicycle accidents in Las Vegas.

    If you are ever involved in these accidents then it is essential to know and protect your rights.

    Do Seek Medical Attention

    The first and most crucial step after a bicycle accident is to seek medical attention, even if you do not think your injuries are severe. Seeking early medication will help to prevent any future complications due to the injury. And also this adds extra wattage to your side.

    Do Document the Accident Scene

    Another important thing to do is take pictures and videos of the accident scene. Remember to take pictures of your injuries, your bicycle damage, and all. These pictures will become strong evidence in the future.

    Do Gather Information

    Take information on contact and the insurance of the other person involved in the accident. If there was any eye witness then take their contact information as well.

    Do Report the Accident

    File a complaint of the accident at the nearest police station. And take a copy of the complaint with you.

    Do Consult with a Personal Injury Lawyer

    Remember to not take any steps without the consultation of an experienced attorney. Ensure that your attorney has experience with bicycle accident lawsuits. Check out Dimopoulos legal services to learn about legal rights for cyclists in Las Vegas.

    Do File Your Lawsuit Within the Statute of Limitations

    In Nevada, the time to file a lawsuit for an accident case is two years. So you have to remember that you are filing the lawsuit within this time limit. Otherwise, the lawsuit will get rejected.

    Don’t Admit Fault

    If you do not want to receive compensation money with hassle. Then remember to not admit your mistake. You might be somewhere responsible for the accident. But do not agree with that.

    Don’t Accept a Settlement Without Consulting a Lawyer

    Insurance companies may approach you with a settlement offer soon after the accident. These companies try to offer less money in the absence of a lawyer. So never agree on any amount without the presence of your lawyer.

    Don’t Delay Seeking Legal Help

    The more time you will take to seek legal assistance the more hard it will be to gather all evidence. So seek legal assistance immediately.

    Don’t Settle Too Quickly

    Seeing all the damages a lawyer can tell the compensation amount. So if your lawyer has told you an amount then do not settle the case below that amount. This way you will face problems.

    Be Wise in Dealing With Bicycle Accident Lawsuit

    In conclusion, this was for the the Dos and Don’ts of Filing a Bicycle Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas. Bicycle accident lawsuit is a complex process. But if you have the right guidance then you can overcome this challenge as well. The most important thing in these types of lawsuits is to protect the rights of an individual. So you will not only fight for the compensation money but also your rights.

    In these cases never decide without consulting your lawyer. Delaying the case will also work against you. So primarily you have to avoid these two things.

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