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How to Turn Off Message Blocking on Any Android Device 2023?

If your message blocking is active in your device. You may not many messages from the recipients that you have put in block list earlier. 

I might gone through many situations when someone or some company irritates you by continuously sending spam messages. You might have block them for that. But, sometimes it will be important to receive messages which may be numbers but there will a mix of letters and numbers.

In only a few clicks you can stop unsolicited text messages on an Android phone by blocking the number. The method you will need to use to block a number will vary depending on the application you use to send messages. You don’t need a special message blocker, you can block text on both iPhone and Android using the built-in settings on both devices.

So, here i am going to show how to unblock/ turn off message blocking. It will make everything number that you have blocked for not receiving messages will be unblock.

It is always better to read few unnecessary message to missing some important messages. That’s why you have to turn off Message block option.

1st Step: Open the default messaging app and go to the settings.

2nd Step: Select the SMS block list or blocked list.

3rd Step: There you can see the list of numbers which are on block. (If there are nothing, there is no blocked number).

4th Step: Choose and unblock the require numbers.

Fact : Once better check the apps like truecaller or some other apps which are used for messaging.

If you have blocked anyone on truecaller or anything, you have to unblock them only on that app.

So, if you use any of those type of apps, better uninstall or check the block list on them.

If you can’t find the SMS blocking option, follow the below steps:

Alternative way to turn off Message block

1st step: Go to the call log or contacts.

2nd Step: Then, go to the settings in them.

3rd Step: You can see the call Blocking list or Block List there.

4th Step: Remove the required numbers from the block list.

Remember, you will also get calls and messages from that number you have unblocked.

Turn off Message Blocking in iOS 2023

Firstly, you can tap the three-point menu on the top right of the screen in the Messages app on your Android device. Look for the Settings menu and search for the button to search for options related to SMS text (also referred to as message, in other words, used to describe a contact you have). Many messaging apps for iPhone and Android have a list of SMS locks, but some of them are unrealistic.

If you are still facing that problem, you can consider the below.

Steps to follow:-
  1. Once check the network and restart the device ( You can simply try Flight mode).
  2. Check the size of the media if you are sending an MMS.
  3. Switch the MMS messaging option in settings of the message app.
  4. Check the country code and number that you have entered.

That’s it for this blog. If you have any doubts regarding this topic, you can get in touch with me.

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