Steps Involved in How to Post a GIF in the Facebook

Steps Involved in How to Post a GIF in the Facebook

Introduction to Post a GIF on Facebook:

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The generation of present day has all been all about convenience and when it comes to convenience, Memes are the best thing to rely upon.

They have always been a center of attraction in digital platforms, mainly Facebook.

The evolution of GIF into short animated videos played in a loop has always been upon us. Fortunately, it has become even easier to post a GIF on Twitter.

Video replay has become the standard, irritating yet less surprising. Usually GIF’s can quickly created by the latest smartphones. Notably, nowadays we love Giphy all of us.

So, of course, we need to learn how to bring together two of our favorite things.

Facebook never ever had been approachable and welcoming to bring in the GIF’s to its social media platform, with a hesitation in mind that it will lose its loyal users until now when Facebook opened its platform and became more user-friendly and convenient by allowing post a GIF on facebook.

First, when posting a link from a website such as GIPHY, users must give the ability to upload a GIF in an animated form.

Facebook then also expanded this function for Sites. Then came the option to advertise with GIF’s, and commented on a dedicated GIF click.

Today, just like any picture or clip, users can post GIF’s. The new feature was quickly launched, so only a few people knew it was actually possible.

For now, it also appears to be only available on the desktop, not mobile. It’s clear how it functions.

If there is a cool GIF that you want to get uploaded, now you can upload it as a picture or a video and make your experience much better.

Process of Post a GIF on Facebook:

Facebook automatically recognizes the file format and handles it as if it were a video–you are even notified that your video is being processed and you will be notified when it is finished.

Your GIF will then appear with “GIF” written across it in its animated form, allowing users to pause or play.

The GIF’s will be made sure that it is played on a loop in your News Feed just the way your photos recur in the news feed.

All you have to do is, just right-click on the option where it has “pause,” “mute,” or “show video URL options available.

GIF’s never had any sound so, it is up to Facebook on how to deal with video to being able to mute a particular post.

It has been apparent through Facebook’s way of dealing that it has treated GIF’s as videos. It has never acknowledged GIF’s as the links or images.

As Facebook gives preferential treatment to videos, this should also increase the organic reach of GIF’s on the News Feed.

The next question is “what size can I upload from GIF?” At the moment, the answer is unclear.

I was able to post a GIF that usually reached 15 MB – the cap for Twitter is 15 MB.

Eventually, the old method of GIF-posting also works exactly as it used to do – and the resultant post is regarded as a reference article.

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