Step into Winter with the very Coolest Eyewear Trends for the Festive Season and Beyond

    Step into Winter with the very Coolest Eyewear Trends for the Festive Season and Beyond

    With the festive season just around the corner, now is a great time to uplevel your eyewear look. There are a few key trends that are set to be hot this winter – we cover these below, as well as tips for choosing eyewear if the advent of the colder weather will see you enjoying some winter sports.

    Crisp and Cool

    One of this winter’s hottest (and coolest) eyewear trends is transparent eyeglass frames. This crisp, on-trend style adds a contemporary edge to any outfit, and its very nature means there’s no risk of the frames clashing with even your glitziest party wear. The subtle nature of transparent framed glasses also allows you to experiment with bold shapes and oversized styles, which may have been overwhelming otherwise.

    A word of advice: You’ll need to be sure to keep your frames as clean as possible. Any smudges or marks will tend to stand out. On the plus side, giving your glasses a regular clean will prolong their life, and help avoid scratches.

    Warm Up Your Winter Eyewear Wardrobe

    Adding a pop of bright color to your eyewear look is another great way to stay on trend this winter – and beyond! When it comes to frames, think bright festive reds, warm burnt oranges, and vibrant emerald greens to create a stunning and seasonal eyewear style.

    Taking into account skin tone when selecting frame color is likely to result in the most flattering effect. Those reds and oranges we mentioned will look best on those with warm skin tones, while cooler skin-toned folk will look dazzling in emerald green frames.

    Get Ready to Party!

    And if you’ve got some festive parties on the horizon? Then how about choosing a standout pair of glamorous glasses to uplevel your Christmas ensemble? Consider glittery frames or those with pretty embellishments such as seed pearls or floral decorations. Exaggerated cat-eye shapes also can make for an elegant party look, or have a look at vintage designer options for some classic upmarket glam.

    Heading to the Slopes? The Best Sunglasses for Snow Sports

    And if you’ll be doing a spot of skiing, hiking, or snowboarding this season or are planning to enjoy other winter sports, you’ll need a great pair of sunglasses. As well as being stylish, shades worn for these activities need to have superior UVA and UVB protection. As the sun reflects off the snow can make its rays even harsher.

    When looking for sunglasses, consider models that offer a high level of impact resistance and that fit securely. The last thing you want is for your shades to fly off as you’re taking a corner on the slope. Snow goggles could be a good choice for those wanting maximum security when it comes to fit – they also ensure that flying snow and other debris have no chance of reaching the eyes.

    Sunglasses for Winter Cycling

    If you enjoy cycling all through the year, it’s tempting to think you can jettison the eyewear come winter. However, it’s important to remember that UV can still reach – and damage – your eyes in winter conditions, even when it’s cloudy.

    When choosing sunglasses for winter cycling, look for models incorporating lenses that are great for low-light conditions. Lenses that allow access to 80% or more of light should be just right for protecting the eyes. And ensuring you’ll be able to clearly see any potholes in the road. For example, Opting for sunglasses frames that come with a selection of interchangeable lenses means that you won’t need to change your shades with the seasons.

    How Do I Stop My Glasses Lenses Fogging Up in Cold Weather?

    Whatever style of frame you choose, you’ll be lucky not to experience the issue of lenses fogging up over winter. Luckily, there are some easy steps you can take to prevent this happening.

    1. Try an anti-fog lens spray
    2. Don’t push your glasses up onto the top of your head
    3. Avoid touching the lenses
    4. Keep the lenses clean
    5. Ensure the frames fit you properly
    6. Consider getting lenses with a hydrophobic coating

    Finding Your Perfect Eyeglasses for the Winter Season

    Use the guide above to help you eye-dentify the very best new glasses for the coming season. Whether you’re looking for super glamorous eyewear to match your Christmas party dress. Or will be heading to the slopes to ski for the first time, it’s easy to find your perfect eyewear match.

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