Simple Guide For How To Save Karlach

Simple Guide For How To Save Karlach

Those people who play Baldurs Gate 3 game know about the character Karlach. This character is very sympathetic. Because her heart is an engine that is killing her slowly. But this character can be your best companion in this game. So many plays wonder about how to save Karlach or if she can be saved.

There are many questions related to the survival of Karlach. Here we have more information related to Karlach. Or if you can save her or not. And if there is a way to save Karlach. Then what is that way? We will discuss all these things in detail here.

What is The Real Answer For How To Save Karlach?

In short answer to this question is yes you can save Karlach. If she is dying because of the heart engine then there is one way to fix that engine. But remember this is not the only way of her death. Several other ways can kill Karlach. So if you’re asking about saving Karlach from heart engine failure then you can save her. But remember to be aware form the other ways of her death.

How To Save Karlach From Heart Engine Failure?

Here is how you can save Karlach from the infernal engine heart.

  1. For this, You have to find infernal iron.
  2. And then you have to pass this to Dammon.
  3. And he will help her to fix her heart with that iron piece.
  4. To go through this process, you have to fight wars.
  5. Make sure that you prepare yourself for those wars. Upgrade your weapons and all for this.

Other Ways Of Karlach To Die

It is very important to know other ways of her death because you might block one way of her death. But there are other ways too. So if you want her to be your companion for a long time then read about these ways in detail.

  1. This is not a death situation but Karlach can go back to Avernus. Various events can initiate this process. Once she returns you will never be able to see her again in the game.
  2. If you will deny romancing Karlach then she will burn herself in front of you. and eventually, she will die. You will not be able to stop that fire.
  3. One of the saddest endings of Krlach happens when no one notices here. If you will ignore her for a long time then due to sadness, she burns herself up. And eventually, she dies. You might notice this after a long time.
  4. Before the ending, there is one person who has to consume the power of Orpheus. And sometimes Karlach decides to sacrifice herself for this. And in this, even she will die. And her personality will completely change. This is the dark ending of Karlach in this game.


I hope you find the answer to the “how to save Karlach” question when reading this article. Yes, you can save her. But there is only one way to her death that you will block from this. You have to be aware of many other ways. All other ways of Karlach death are mentioned here. Make sure that you avoid all those things to happen to her. She can be your best companion in Buldars Gate 3 game.


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