Short Answer: Can You Use Visa Gift Cards On Etsy?

Short Answer: Can You Use Visa Gift Cards On Etsy

Etsy is a unique platform for buying handmade gifts and all. Etsy accepts visa payments and all other kinds of payments.

Visa gift cards on Etsy

In today’s materialistic world we do not have enough time to go to the shop and buy goods. Nowadays, we prefer to order everything online. If you have a keen interest in handmade products which are totally customizable then Etsy will not let you down. The best part about it is that you can use a visa card on Etsy. You have heard it right! Apart from that, you can use many other cards on Etsy. Some of them are – visa debit cards, visa gift cards, credit cards, Etsy shopping, prepaid cards, prepaid visas, etc.

You can purchase hand-crafted or custom-designed products on Etsy. and by using this facility you can make several requests to the seller for the best-fit design. This is how you can get a fully customized design of your desire which can be used as a showpiece in your dining room. Let’s take a look at all the things one needs to learn about Etsy.

Can we use Visa cards / Visa gift cards on Etsy?

The answer is yes. One can easily use a visa card for the purchase of an item. Almost all sellers on Etsy accept visa cards. Apart from the Visa card, there are many other cards that can be used on Etsy. Some of them are – Mastercard/Eurocard, Discover, American Express, and Carte Bleue (France). Payment is not limited to these cards.

Here there are many other options as well. If you have an Etsy gift card and Etsy credit balance then you can pay through that also. Their payment methods also support Visa gift cards which is a great thing for buyers. It gives you so many credit card options that you have plenty of choices regarding which card do you want to make your payments with?

Etsy Shopping

Do you know? Etsy sells more than one million items and comes under a variety of different categories as well as the appropriate sub-categories. The most common thing about its products is that they all are homemade and customizable.

Some main categories are – handmade and personalized pieces of jewellery, craft materials, printables, stickers, notebooks, journals, vintage items, etc. If you have ever thought of a design in your mind, you will find that design for sure on Etsy. The best part is that you can use all types of cards to buy all these things.

As you are now aware of the fact that Etsy contains several customizable products and the thing which is not customizable. But still holds the largest number of customers is its collection of antique pieces. There are a lot of mesmerizing antique pieces which are sold by the sellers at a reasonable price. These antique pies are both alluring and extraordinary at the same time. Shopping on Etsy is both easy and satisfactory.

Can we use prepaid cards on Etsy?

yes, we can use prepaid cards on Etsy. Etsy sellers accept prepaid cards from all the major card issuers like – Visa, Mastercard, Discover, etc. Before purchasing any item on Etsy you should register your prepaid credit card along with the card issuer. Once the registration is completed you have to fill in your CVV number, expiry date, and all other necessary details which are required for the further process.

Now, at the time of payment please ensure that your card is verified. For instance – if you are using a visa prepaid card then you can verify it by calling the toll-free number which is present on the back of your card. In turn, they will verify your card and now you can easily pay for your order.

After verification one has to submit the following information- the name on the card, card number, expiry date, security code and then review your order to make payment.

What are the other payment options?

Along with debit and credit cards, and prepaid cards there are many other options from which one can make his/her payment. You can also make payments through Apple pay, Google Pay and PayPal. You can make your payment through these payment methods just like you pay on other E-commerce sites. Etsy user experience is very satisfactory and they try their level best to live up to your expectations.

You can also purchase your item as a guest. It is not compulsory to login into the Etsy site for purchasing an item of your choice. If you are from the EU, Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein, then they can ask you to authenticate your payment once you are done with your purchase. Of course, the authentication process is so simple. Depending upon your card issuer, you are asked for some additional information then in a while your payment will be authenticated. These all facilities are provided by Etsy to make the payment process fully secure and safe.


Etsy accepts debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, Visa cards, Mastercard, and many other payment methods to ensure easy purchases without any hurdles. You can easily purchase a customizable and unique product of your choice from one of the sellers on Etsy and can make your life much easier and brighter.

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