Short Answer: Can You Pay With Cash On Postmates?

Can you pay with cash on Postmates

This is a big question for many people whether Postmates take cash payments or not. There are many payment methods that are available on Postmates.

Do Postmates take cash payments?

Postmates is one of the most used food delivery apps in the United States of America. It is the 4th most used food delivery service in America. Many people order food from Postmates daily and enjoy it. As we know Uber eats is the most used food delivery service here but Postmates also has a big chain of customers. They deliver in all 50 states of America. In this article, we will explain the Postmates payment methods and know whether you can able to pay with cash on Postmates or not.

Prepaid over cash

Nowadays there are many payment options available in the market. And that’s the reason why some service providers are neglecting cash payments. Some sites and applications still accept cash payments. Some problems are also faced by companies during cash payments.

So they prefer neglecting cash payments. Many frauds are faced by food delivery services during the delivery of food products due to cash payments. Some people order food and then create a problem for the person who delivers food. That’s why many food services accept only prepaid food payments.

So now we’ll talk about the most popular food delivery service which is Postmates. Many people are confused about which payment methods they use.

Accepted payment methods on postmates

There are different methods of payment that Postmates accept.

#1. Gift Cards

You can make payments on Postmates by using gift cards. By ordering food you earn gift cards and you can redeem them whenever you want and use them for ordering food.

#2. Google Pay & PayPal

It also accepts payments from applications like google pay and PayPal. This food delivery service prefers prepaid payments more because of frauds and scams in cash on delivery service. You can order food from there and simply pay using online payment methods. You can also use prepaid cards for making your payments on Postmates.

#3. Postmates Cash

Other payment options are also available here like Postmates cash. In this method, you can add money to your Postmates wallet and use them for ordering food. There is no doubt that it is one of the best food delivery apps available here.

#4. Credit & Debit Card

You can also use debit and credit cards to make payments, You will also get discounts on prepaid food orders. So that’s also good for you.

Postmates is one of the food delivery services which claims to be cashless. Now we’ll see that Postmates are cashless?

Is Postmates cashless? Can you pay with cash on Postmates? 

Some people think that Postmates take cash. So can you actually pay with cash on Postmates? The simple answer is no. Postmates is a cashless service that believes in online and card payments. So it is one of the most successful cashless services.

Some services like Zomato and others take orders in cash. But Postmates are not one of them. It declines cash payments. In addition, when Corona comes, everything will change and such a thing is greatly appreciated by all Postmates users. Because during cash payments you touch hands indirectly which could be a reason for the spreading of the virus.

Benefits of being cashless

Postmates is truly cashless and this is a good step toward the digital world. Nowadays most people prefer a cashless exchange of money. It is not bad to take cash payments like other apps but it is a forward approach.

In our daily life, we too do many cashless payments. In this digital world, all peoples prefer cashless transactions because it’s almost simple and easy to send and receive payments from your end without getting into trouble.  On the other hand, here there are only a few people that prefer cash payments so far.

Doing payments in cash is an old method and the whole world is going cashless now. Just carry your mobile phone or cards with you and do payments anywhere. Only a few places are left where people only accept cash payments. Also paying through cash is less safe than paying cashless. You will feel more comfortable when travelling without cash. Taking cash along with us is a little hectic work too.


So Postmates made a good decision to go cashless and hopefully other service providers will start going cashless soon. Not only food delivery services but other services such as shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart and many others are also thinking about not accepting cash.

Uber eats is also trying to go fully cashless in the future. So, if you are not using online payment methods or debit and credit cards then that’s the time to start using them because in the future you are going to need them.

Cashless payments are the future and cash payments are neglected in many places so this is going to be our necessity soon. So guys go cashless that will help you to do payments as well as feel comfortable.

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