Otto Insurance Scam or Real?

Otto Insurance Scam or Real

Otto insurance is not a scam. it is a valid and legal site. due to its cons, some people say that it is a scam site. here is all the information you need to know about otto insurance.

Is Otto insurance a scam?

Otto insurance is a website that allows you to compare insurance quotes. Here you can compare the insurance company prices and see the customer reviews about a particular insurance policy. This site has a network of over 1000 insurance companies and insurance agents. Many people say that otto insurance is a scam but this is not true. It is a valid site that provides the correct information to its users. Hence we can not say that it is a scam.

It is just like a referral company when it comes to Otto insurance. It connects the different insurance companies and agents to the customers that are interested in purchasing a policy. Because of some people this company comes into question every time. But in the market, one person can not satisfy every single customer.  Let’s learn more about otto insurance.

Basic about Otto insurance

This company was founded in 2006. Currently, the headquarter of otto insurance is located in Miami, Florida, USA. This is a lead generation site that is known for its good work. The owner of this company is Joshua Keller. This is related to finance, advice, and price comparison. This site is a one n one stoop for a person who is purchasing a new policy. Because this site does all your work and shows you the right policy according to your budget and need. You can apply a filter to your search according to your need.

Working on Otto insurance

You will need your phone number to log in to this site. As soon as you log in the site will ask for your personal information. And do not worry about privacy they will ask only for the information that will require for the insurance. For example, if you want to compare car insurance rates then you have to fill in all the information about your car. The same goes for life insurance and health insurance.

Now, this site will take you to an insurance agent that knows about all this. He will explain all the rates of insurance companies and the process to purchase the insurance. This is how otto works for you. You can also buy home insurance and auto insurance together from this site. All you will need to do is fill out all the information regarding the house and the car.

Pros of Otto  insurance

Otto insurance is like a sea of options insurance policies. Some people called this scam but there is nothing to do with the scam. Although there are a few disadvantages of this company, let’s talk about all the pros of otto insurance.

  • This acts as a middle man and creates a connection between you and the insurance company directly. Hence you do not get to go here and there for any kind of information.
  • You will get the best insurance quote according to your budget. You can choose anyone and if you are not satisfied with that then you can choose another one too. Hence it is a 100% customer-friendly site.
  • You can see all the possible insurance prices here. There will be no hidden charges on this site. You can search for any possible insurance policy here.
  • 24-hour customer support available. However, the business bureau shows that customer support is inactive but you can contact them anytime.

These are all the pros of otto insurance. Because of these, this site is always in the talk of the customers.

Cons of Otto insurance

There is only one disadvantage of otto insurance. And because of this disadvantage, people start to think this company is a  scam. But otto insurance is not a scam. The personal information that you give on this site is not completely safe. Hence once you log in to this site after that you start receiving a lot of insurance quote calls. They will tell you the same things that you need. This means the information from this site leaks to the insurance agency. Hence people start to get pissed and write bad reviews about this. Although this is not good if you are genuinely looking for a price comparison site then this is among the best ones in the market.

Otto insurance alternative

Not every person is perfect and the same goose with the business. Otto insurance is best in itself but there are cons too. So if you are looking for an alternative to otto insurance then it is no shock. There are a few other options too that have a good privacy policy and hence they are better than the otto insurance. The name of  them are  as follows:

  • Farmers
  • Lemonade insurance
  • Liberty mutual
  • AAA
  • USAA

As an alternative to Otto insurance, the above lists are some good options you can consider. However, each one of them has its pros and cons. You can give it a try and go with the one that suits you well.

Is Otto’s insurance legal?

Otto insurance is a legal site. It is not illegal or a scam. It’s just not a user-friendly site. Your data on this site is not safe. Hence you receive more spam calls. That’s why you will see the bad and illegal sites type reviews under this site. However, it is among the best lead generation sites and this site works in the whole country. There are no hidden charges hence it is completely free for its users. If you have spent some money on this and you are not satisfied with the policy work then you can ask for a refund anytime. Also, customer service care is available 24 hours.


In conclusion, the otto insurance scam is not true. This is a valid and legal site. That provides genuine work to its customers. However due to privacy issues this site becomes the headline sometimes. Hence you will see some bad reviews about this site. Here is all the information about the otto insurance site. There will be no hidden charges on this site and this site provides a genuine comparison of the policy prices.  You can also find a good insurance agent for yourself here.  Hope you all will find this article helpful.

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