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On Screen Adventure with Pathfinder Kingmaker Walkthrough-cover

The ‘Pathfinder: kingmaker’, it feels like a game from different generation. There is a crowd of a plenty exiting thins like or looks like other old and best PC game plays. But Pathfinder Kingmaker is really something else. Obviously it follows a lot of unique design philosophy, which completely focused on translating the pen and paper rules and characters of the game into RPG video game inventions.

Firstly, Pathfinder Kingmaker is an exiting game launched by Russian studio and Deep Silver as the publisher. Ultimately the game is developed for three base platforms, namely- Mac-OS, Microsoft Windows and Linux. Pathfinder: Kingmaker is known to be the first isometric game among the all RPGs. The multilingual interface makes the game more attractive for the gummer. Notably, it gives a lot of adventure and a fun story depending on player’s creativity and enthusiasm.

Game play:

rare adventure with real heroes

In fact, the game play is closely similar with the other role playing games “Neverwinter nights” or “Baldur’s gate”. Here is some exiting thing through the journey of different levels like tips, some rare equipment’s, offered equipment and many more.

In the first place, Pathfinder kingmaker is the game where you can create your own character and unique game play as your imagination. The realm-building feature according to players need gives a feeling like the local lord of the kingdom. ‘Pausable real time’ system makes the game play more effective by giving extra time before taking any action.


Being a real-world kingdom maker game the game allows to encounter or recruit any character according to the players need. Through the entire journey of his growing kingdom, player will face with thousands of characters. Moreover some of the main characters are Linzi as Halfling bard, Amiri as an aggressive barbarian, Valarie, Harrim, Jaethal, goblin Nok Nok and a lot more.


Although this may be true, there is a lots of Quests through the journey of kingmaker, player must face. Let’s take a quick survey of all of them.

The first step on the Road of Glory:

Firstly the pathfinder Kingmaker game starts while a women (Jamandi Aldori) ask to recapture the stolen lands that is currently in the hand of Stag lord. Then the next character Linzi will offer you to capture your adventure. Before start of the next day adventure you can take rest in a place that will be in the south exit of the present room. However Linzi will update you with the information that one attacker is present in the mansion and is trying to kill you. Next you take him and capture the rooms outside before you join Linzi in fighting with other two opponents.

Next one more character Tartuccio will join you in the adventure and ask you to search for Aldori and will gift you a ring. Afterwards, you will get the equipment’s in the inventory where you need to find and kill assassins.

After this board, towards the North of the hall where you can see that Ami which is the next character of Pathfinder Kingmaker, fighting with her own enemies. Continuing your journey you will reach the Armory which you need to break for proceeding in the game. Now you can loot the areas along with the Watch-keeper’s Key.

Now go to the chest to steal 210G. Here Tartuccio is trying to convince you to take the money and trap you in the later stages. You can pass it by taking a Neutral check. An el will join your team that will be in a pale undead situation and you need to heal it using your inflict wound ability. Search and find the secret rooms and go outside where you will meet Kaessi and Harrim who will join you next. When you pass through Valerie you will get a Specialist tower shield.

Stolen Land:

Through the entire stolen land fight you have to go through some mysterious places and exiting characters.

On the west of the world map, you’ll find some bandits at Oleg’s land. Take a try to push them for living the place by conversation or defeat them on a fight. Now you can pocket Oleg’s value. Here Kressle will inform Stag Lord about your activity.

Here you have to collect the all information about bandits from Oleg. Make a settlement with Oleg to avoid stag lord by taking the power of alchemical fire. Like same way add Bokken to your team. After fight make them free at their inn.

There comes a new strange character, Guardian of the bloom to approach you to finish the Stag Lord. After doing so in the same ford you’ll find a neo character Anoriel Eight Awaits you can also take him with you. In the way to Thorn ford you have to defeat a mysterious character named Remus.

After defeating Remus you’ll meat Tartuccios, they will help you to defeat the enemies and open the secret door. After defusing the trap you can go for loot.

Here you have to defeat Tratuccio and his minions again and make your way towards Old Sycamore.

Now you have to go through the whole old sycamore series. That’s the most exciting part of the game. By achieving a lot of difficulties you’ll find the different stages and anonymous characters of Sycamore. Once you cleared the map of old Sycamore you can see Old Sycamore Caves, Old Sycamore Depths and lastly Sycamore hall.

In these Sycamore series you’ll face a lot of traps, Spider, wolf, kobolds along with you’ll get the chance to loot a lot of treasure and Xp. Meantime there you have a dream that will blow Riverbed Nightmare.

In the time of revisiting the Sycamore caves you have to please Queen Bdaah to get the key otherwise you have to kill her to snatch the key. Now you have to repair the Bridge Host Part to loot Scorched Fragment from Necklace. Now you have to knock down Sootscale and his partners to get the pass for Sycamore hall. After that you can taking Jaethal at your team or not you step off for Sycamore Hall.

Sycamore hall is the most dangerous stage of the series of Pathfinder: Kingfisher. Here you might have to use fire ball otherwise you can achieve a large damage or lose your partners by Tartuccios fireball. Here you have to loot the broken crossbow of Restovic Inquisitor and Dryad’s token.

Now you’ll meet some good guy and beautiful places as achievement.

Stolen land

Thorn Ford-

Here you’ll get the Svetlana’s Wedding ring from Stag Lord. But for Achiving that you have to cross the river and deal with the bandits. And the good guy Jhod will heal you and make a path for Temple of the Elk.

Temple of the Elk-

When you reach the temple you have to defeat and encounter moobs and Treant. Now Tristian can be your partner for the rest of the journey. So you are ready to go Stag lord’s Fort.

Stag lord’s Fort-

Towards the south from the Trading post you can find the Stag Lord’s Fort. After entering the fort you have to kill Kressle and his bandits or you can take them in your grup. Now you have to defeat or convince Akiros to make yourself more stronger before having a fight with Stag lord. Also you have to tame or kill the Owlbares, but putting them in cage will be more easier to manage them.

Now if you tamed the Owlbares and if the wine is already poisoned then you can easily defeat Stag lord and his tamed minions. Once you defeat Stag Lord you’ll get a massive loot with his property, Aegies, Boost of Elvenkind, Stag Helmet, Winter Veil cloak, Agail Rapier, protection ring, Resistance cloak and lot more.

Also kill the father of Stag lord, Nugrah and return to Oleg and wait for the noble welcome.

Troll Trouble:

This particular stage of the pathfinder: Kingmaker is all about pretending the trolls to attack your kingdom. Here you have to find the trolls lair and fight them before they fight you. Firstly you have to find Ekundayo and convince him to help you to find the trolls.

Troll trouble

Once you done with the initial map and collected the few rewords that you need during this attack, you’ll meet Dalton. He’ll guide you to Bartholomew to gather more knowledge about the trolls.

The next event you’ll perform is ‘The Nature of Beast’. You have to travel to Lone house to meet Bartholomew. Before meeting him you have to go through few traps lied by his for his own safety. Here you have to face Dwarven Helm Shard and a group of savior bandits.

Once you meet Bartholomew, give him a demo of your ability by knocking down a branded troll and loot few exiting rewords (Clock of Resistance, fireball) from the secret door of his lab.

Buy the inventions (Arcane Protector, Holding bag, Acid wand) of Bartholomew to fight the trolls. (You can also kill him to loot all inventions to fight trolls)

Now you are ready for the next event called Troll Lair. Here you have to go to Dwarven Ruins to find the trolls lair. You have to approach the trolls to meet their king in a peaceful way. But they are not comfortable to deal with a human. So fight with them cleverly.

Try to target a minimum number of them in a single battle and collect the rewords (Bronze Dwarven Key, Devourer of metal a longbow, Rusty Dwarven Key, Steel Dwarven key).

While you’ll be collecting the rewords you can be trapped by them so try to avoid their traps.

Now enter the depth of the troll lair and fight Jajon, who will come to tell you that the trolls king wants to retreat you instead of peaceful way. Spam him using fireball. Use acid and acid arrow to knocking down the trolls and collect the Silver Dwarven key.

Now enter the sun and moon puzzle room by defeating Hargulka and Tartuk. It’s an event wgere you can get quite rest time during the whole kingmaker journey.

Have a clear look at the symbols there and change the positions of the dishes to match the symbols of the puzzle to open the secret room. There you have to fight with Mimic to get the rewords.

sun and moon puzzle

Now in the next event the women named Jenna Tennerson will come to you, asking for help to find her lost child. Go to the witches hut to find her son.

Search the well and use magic missile to damage the Ancient Character popped from the well and collect the loots (Coin with Wilber’s name, Phylactery of positive channelling) destroy the whole Witch’s every and loot all the rewords

After you cleared the event ‘Lost child’ go for the next event called ‘Mud Bowl’ there you have few characters to knock out and loot quite simple rewords.

Bring the defeated beasts to the witch to collect the XP and G. Hide what have you done with witch’s area or blame anyone else.

In the next event called Lizardfolk Village deal with the King Vesket and take the idea about Sprit Hut. Go forword the map by avoiding the traps and the poisonus frogs and collect the rewords.

Here you’ll free the boy to go to her mother. Now you’ll be attacked by Vestak, fight him down and go for the final reword.

Season of Bloom:

As a matter of fact, this stage of the game is all about protecting your land from the magical beasts, they are doing their movement at your land. You have to go for hunting them at Hunting Ground. Here you’ll be saving your kingdom and the citizens by fighting the trespassers.

season of bloom

Firstly you will save Aldori sisters from Owlbear and loot one of the trophies. Then one by one you’ll fight Poisonus Hydra, Kneesplitter, and Ancient Wyvern. While you’ll be facing Ancient Wyvern, you also meet with Embeth Travellers.

You can fight them or you can take them with you. Here also you have to collect a few rewords, namely The Wand of Searing Light and Melted Ring.

Now collect your XP for the event Amusement of the Nobles by informing Jamel about the hunting and get back to quest (waiting area).

The second event is about healing your kingdom from the disease being spread by the monsters. Also you have to kill an Owlbear which was appeared in the previous event due to another hunter.

Here you’ll have an operation and get a seed of sorrow from your stomach, that is required to kill the Owlbear.

The next event is to hunt the witch. Here you’ll receive a letter from Kesten, contains brief about Lamashtu cultist. You can find them at Mysterious shrine every beginning day of the week.

Wait for a moon day to kill the priests and knock down the cultist at the lodge.

The next event is about to deal with the Mother of Monsters. You have to find the Goblin village to start the movement, where you’ll find the falchion named Bestrender.

Also you’ll be offered to take Nok-Nok with you. In this whole event you have to avoid the traps lied by the goblins like the previous events of Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

mother of monsters

Now the final and reword event comes named ‘Season of Bloom’. When you are done with all the quests, share your experience with your council. Take an idea about where you can get the poisonous seeds (Water villagers drinks). Make your way toward the Goblin fort near Gundrin River.

Here you have to kill all the goblins and their minions and loot the place. Now save Kestan from Manticores and talk to him. Here you’ll come to know that it’s impossible to stop the season of bloom. So to ruind it you have to go to the Lamashtu’s Womb or you can drop it.

If you are at Lamashtu’s Womb then kill the goblins to find Decapitator and Greatsword and also few rewards.

Lastly you’ll find the smoothest and the unique adventure of kingmaker called ‘The Mysterious Garden’ or ‘Gate of The other World’.

When you’ll enter the First world, Old Gnome will give you a magical lantern. That Magical Lantern will save you from getting teleported. Now locate the Mysterious bird and keep it on Dais. Next you kill the ‘Ever Blooming Flower’ using the vail poisoned water.

Now you are done with the stage you can loot the lastly defeated characters and collect the rewords. You are ready to go for the next session with the help of kestan.

Varnhold’s Lot:

Before you ben DLC the main thing you need to do import everything that you have saved. You can continue by selecting the existing characters or by creating new characters. The DLC starts when you and Maegar Varn will be celebrating your victory of Stolen Lands.  Maegar will offer you 25000 G and will ask you to select your three companions who will be with you in the adventure.

You can choose Gekkor, Bruiser and Tehara as recommended by Kjerdi or you can customize according to your choice. When you will be done with selecting companions and creating their spellbooks, then you need to purchase supplies.

You will now get to know about the City of Hollow from Maegar. Before you head for that place and take a break at the deadly passage for collecting XP.

vernhold's lot

Some centaurs will stop you from entering the nearest tomb once you reach the City of hollow. You need to follow some children who already know the way. In the South Centaur Patrol Leader will be there and you can either attack or intimidate to move forward in the quest.

Further in the quest you will get a dragon that will be injured and you need to solve a puzzle to help him.

Next you will meet Pale yan who will offer help to you. You can fight with him by rejecting his offer and defeating him you will get to loot 1100Gp, dragger, Boots of creeping death, Ring of protection and Belt of Incredible Dexterity.

There will be several pillars with crystal stuck in them and a slot to get inside the crystal. Head to the South and get the missing crystal and solve the puzzle collect the Headband of Mental, Wand of heal and Perfection.

You can heal the dragon with the Wand of heal and it will give you a Cloak of the Lion and Bracers of Deflection before it fly off.

With all the things you get head to the headquarters and on your way you need to save a man named Willas Gunderson. You will get to know that the man have a bracelet that is mysterious.

When you will be back to headquarter, Cephal will introduce a plan which will make Maegar to send him packing. After speaking to Willias you will get to know about Jubilost. Head Northwest and you will get some writings in the walls and in the East you will find knocked out guards and missing tools.

A new mob will come outside and you need to talk with them to get them down. If you fail to do so you need to fight. Now one women named Cvetislava will tell you that their village needs help (Whispers of the past).

When you will reach Blackstones ford some of the hosts behave strangely. You investigate them and inform Maegar with the evidences that you need to collect. The couple will tell that they have killed them in self-defence.

fight in the depth

Your journey will continue with the forgotten, Forbidden, Forsworn stage followed by the Lostlarn Keep the Depths and Hero’s fate.

Varnhold’s Vanishing:

It’s a too similar stage like few previous others. Before you start to solve the events, go through the messages from Maeger varn.

He wants you to visit Varnhold. Also in this mean time you can have a look to the stolen land.

The chapter stars with the event called ‘The Lost Brother’. Here the priest from the Witch hunt will appear once again to give you the Lamashtu’s Boon.

Now you enter the Shallow Gulch to have a conversation with the goblins. They’ll inform you about the brother’s death. Once you copleate this you are ready to enter the real adventure of Varnhold.

The first event of Varnhold starts with finding the Maeger Varn. Here you’ll get the Wand of displacement.

Now convince or defeat Agai to vacate his place and loot few rewords (Fallons worrior’s boot, Owlbear omlet receipe, and Crimson counsellor).

Now in the next event enter the ‘overgrown cavern’. If you have to enter the place peacefully then take Amiri with you, otherwise you have to go through a lot of difficulties or fights. Go to the killed barbarian camp and loot the rewords.

Now you have to clear to basic events called ‘The lost Relic’ and ‘Sepulcher of forgotten heroes’. Crack the knots of the events to collect the rewords and the passes for the next event called ‘City of hollow eyes.

city of hollow eyes

The city of hollow eyes is the event where you can collect the rewords by keeping you safe from the traps.

Here you can free the Defaced Sister to get the XP’s and the G. Lastly in the Vordakais Tomb, completing the two most extream events of the stage you can go for the next stage of the game

Final journey:

Twice Born  Warloard

You will get several stages that includes Hour of Rage, The light betrayer, The twice Born warlord that includes another sub stage Armag’s Tomb, The Coronation and the last stage o dealing with the devil.

teice born warlord

War of the river king

This Includes five more stages that are The Rushlight Tournament, The River justice, Runway throne, the path o dreams and the War of the River king. The fifth stage have three more stages that are Oppose the influence of Pitax, Enter Pitax and Palace.

Sound if thousand screams

The stages that are included here are Against all odds, The sound of thousand screams, the first crown and the secretes of Suuramgamin.  The second stage have four sub stages that are first, second and third floor and confront Nyrissa.

The sound of thousand screams

The cursed king/ queen

This stage includes three more stages that are Lift the Lantern king’s curse, gather apology fragments for the story teller and the last stage Defeat the Lantern king.


In conclusion, you can enjoy an adventurous game by making your own choices. Select the characters that you want in the adventurous path. At the end of the game you will get two options to choose from. The first one is to become immoral with more power but always bound to the king.

On the other hand, the second option is to be with less power but moral and always threat of the king. The ormer one is a chaotic end whereas the latter one is a good ending. Keep in mind that it is impossible to kill the king so, choose from the options and the game will end there.

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