Navigating the Differences Between Invasive vs Non Invasive Treatments for Sleep Apnea

    Navigating the Differences Between Invasive vs Non Invasive Treatments for Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea is a common sleep disorder. It affects over 39 million adults in the United States alone. These are characterized more commonly by the pause in breathing and the shallow breathing during sleep time. Here is the guide on invasive vs non-invasive sleep treatments for sleep apnea.

    Mainly we study the two main treatments for sleep apnea and we will discuss both of these ways here today. 

    Non-Invasive Approaches for Sleep Apnea

    Learning about what is sleep apnea is the first step toward understanding which treatment approach may be right for you. The non-invasive treatment treats the cause without the need for any surgery. Hence no invasion happened in this case. 

    Lifestyle Changes

    If the sleep apnea is from mild to moderate range then you can manage it with the help of lifestyle changes as well. These changes can include the following: weight loss, smoking cessation, and avoiding alcohol and sedatives before bed.

    Oral Appliances

    Oral appliances are the man-made devices. These devices fit in the mouth like a mouthguard and help in opening the airway. However, these are only for the mild and moderate cases of sleep apnea.

    PAP Therapy

    Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy is a common treatment for sleep apnea. This machine is placed over the nose or the mouth. and then helps to deliver the pressurized air to the mouth during sleep. Hence no pause in breathing happens during sleep.

    Positional Therapy

    If sleep apnea is happening due to the wrong sleeping position then this method suits the best. Because here the person gets help in fixing their sleeping posture.

    Adaptive Servo-Ventilation (ASV) Therapy

    ASV therapy is a type of PAP therapy. It uses a machine to track the individual’s breathing patterns and adjust air pressure. It may be used for individuals with central sleep apnea or complex sleep apnea syndrome.

    Invasive Approaches for Sleep Apnea

    When we are reading about the invasive and the invasive treatment, the primary thing to remember here is that the invasive one needs direct invasion of the body. This also includes surgery. And these are done in the severe problem of sleep apnea. These treatments are initiated when the no-invasive treatments are not working.

    Upper Airway Surgery

    This surgery is to remove the excess tissues. Hence makes the airway more broad for the passing. Processes like Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP), tonsillectomy, or adenoidectomy come under this. 

    Maxillomandibular Advancement

    In this procedure, the upper and lower jaws are moved forward. When every other treatment fails then this one is the best option.

    Implantable Devices

    The brand new treatment for sleep apnea is the Inspire Upper Airway Stimulation system. These devices work by stimulating the muscles in the throat to keep the airway open during sleep.

    Bariatric Surgery

    Weight loss through bariatric surgery helps in reducing sleep apnea. Because the weight causes the accumulation of more fat. And then make the airway very narrow. This decreases the air passage. This surgery helps in opening up the airway passage.

    Exploring Invasive vs Non Invasive Treatments

    Both invasive and non-invasive are best for the treatment of sleep apnea. But both have their limitations. You must get help from your healthcare professional regarding this. And they will prescribe you the best way according to your condition. There are various ways to treat sleep apnea from the two different techniques.

    Here we have talked about almost every way. So you will not find any problem in learning the difference between invasive and non-invasive treatment methods. 

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