My WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned

my whatsapp number is banned how to unbanned

‘My WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned’ This situation is frustrating to handle, but the good thing is you can be unbanned.

WhatsApp is a quite popular messaging app; Around 2.7 billion people use WhatsApp worldwide. To maintain the security of its large user base, WhatsApp has to implement a ban on accounts that seem inappropriate.

However, many times, the account can be banned by mistake.

The official method to resolve this issue is to contact WhatsApp via Messenger Support (link –

Explain the situation and they will review your ban. Let’s get deep into the topic!

Why WhatsApp Ban Accounts?

The primary reasons for getting banned are spreading misinformation, using fake WhatsApp apps, or using WhatsApp for scamming and spamming.

If WhatsApp bans you, you’ll see the following message “This account is not allowed to use WhatsApp” when you open the WhatsApp app.

As per WhatsApp, you get banned when you violate the Terms of Service. In these terms, they have mentioned the acceptable way of using WhatsApp. Here are some common reasons for the WhatsApp ban.

Common Reasons for WhatsApp Ban

Here are some of the basic and common reasons for getting banned on WhatsApp. If you have violated any, you’ll probably get banned.

    1. Age Restriction: To use WhatsApp you need to be at least 13 years old and 16 years old for the European Union.
    2. Using the Unofficial WhatsApp app: Using third-party WhatsApp or a fake number of WhatsApp (For example, WhatsApp Plus or GB WhatsApp) For your information, such apps aren’t official and can cause you security harm.
    3. Illegal and Harmful ActivitiesUsing WhatsApp against the law, or using it for harmful activities. This includes harassment, bullying, hate speech, sharing illegal content, etc.
    4. SpammingSpamming other users on WhatsApp, this also includes bulk messaging.
    5. ScammingUsing WhatsApp to scam others.
    6. Unauthorized Automation: WhatsApp strictly prohibits the use of unauthorized automation.

These were some of the common reasons for the WhatsApp ban.

Types of WhatsApp Ban

There are only two types of WhatsApp ban – Temporary and Permanent.

    1. Temporary BanSuch types of ban are for specific periods, and are less serious. If you are temporarily banned, you will see a countdown time showcasing the length of the ban. Such aims to give users a chance to correct their behavior, find the reason for the ban, and fix the issue.
    2. Permanent BanThis type of ban is much more serious and this means you won’t be able to use WhatsApp with that number again. The only exception is when you are banned by mistake, you can raise an appeal to find out if you can be unbanned or not.

My WhatsApp Number is Banned How to Unbanned

The only official method of getting your account unbanned is to appeal to WhatsApp customer support.

#1. Find the Reason

Firstly, try to find out the reason for your ban, if you are violating any terms of service try to fix that. For example, if you are using the unofficial version of WhatsApp (like GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus) uninstall them and use the official version.

Read the common reasons for the ban and try to fix and avoid those things on WhatsApp.

#2. Write an Appeal to WhatsApp Support

First of all, go to WhatsApp Messenger Support, here WhatsApp resolves the issues related to the app.

WhatsApp Messenger Support Screen

Fill out the basic details, like your registered phone number and email address.

Next, select the version you are using, for example, Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop (if you are using WhatsApp on a computer or laptop) KaiOS, and select other if none of the options matches.

Enter your message (scroll down and get pre-made templates to write in the message section.)

WhatsApp Contact Us Screen

Tap on Next Step > Skip > Send the Question.

After your appeal has been reviewed, you will get a follow-up email at your given email address, where you get further assistance to solve the case.

#3. Provide the Information

After sending the email, you might get a follow-up email on your registered email account. Read the email, they might state the reason why they have banned you or ask you information required to unban your account.

Provide the information, and that’s it!

WhatsApp Unban Request Email Template

Here are some of the Unban templates that you can copy-paste with a little personalization. Read the template and make the necessary changes.

Template 1:

Subject: Unban Request for WhatsApp

Dear WhatsApp Support,

My phone number (enter your phone number) linked to WhatsApp was banned and I 
beleive the ban was mistaken, as i haven't done anything that voilates WhatsApp 
terms of service. 

I respect WhatsApp's polices and adheres to them. I kindly request you to review 
my case and assists me to reinstating access to my WhatsApp account. I'm willing
to provide additional information to solve this case.

Waiting for your reply,


Template 2:

Subject: Appeal to Unban WhatsApp Account


My WhatsApp account linked to this (enter your phone number) phone number got
banned. I have read your Temrs of Service, and found out that my account hasn't 
voilated any terms, hence I believe that the ban was mistaken. 

I kindly request you to look into the matter, and help me get my account back, as 
I was adhering your policies.

Waiting for your response...


Frequently Asked Questions

1. WhatsApp Email Address for Banned Number

This is the email address where you can contact WhatsApp, although WhatsApp recommends contacting them via Messenger support.

Link –

On Mobile App – Open WhatsApp > Help > Contact Us

2. How to Avoid Getting Banned from WhatsApp

Using WhatsApp civilly and legally can help you to avoid getting banned from WhatsApp. This includes not using fake or third-party WhatsApp apps, not spamming or scamming, avoid using bulk messaging and automation tools.

Not using WhatsApp for harassing, bullying, spreading misinformation, hate speech, or sharing inappropriate content should be avoided.

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In recent years, WhatsApp has banned a significant number of 69 million accounts. It is a clear sign that people are using WhatsApp for various evil purposes, to secure its user base, WhatsApp implements its new policies and as a result, many accounts get banned.

Moreover, you can contact them and ask them to review the ban as it might be mistaken. Hopefully, the information provided in the article helped, thanks for reading!

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