How to Mount a TV on The Wall Without Studs

How to Mount a TV on The Wall Without Studs

The TVs are becoming thinner and yet display quality is increasing, there was a time when TVs needs some furniture to place on it. Now, you can simply mount a TV on the Wall, don’t worry if you don’t have studs in this blog you will know How to Mount a TV on The Wall Without Studs. 

But before, you should know, you can mount a TV of only 110 lbs without studs, which is an 80 inch TV. If your TV is larger than that, you should use a stud.

You should also check the condition of your Dry Wall, before mounting a TV without Stud.

Here are the 5 ways to mount a TV without studs.

5 Ways to Mount TV on the Wall Without Studs

1. Use Anchors

Anchors are one of the best alternatives to studs, not only that it won’t destroy your wall, with big holes, if you drill them perfectly.

Before you drill your wall, check the weight of your TV and buy anchors accordingly, you can find the weight of the TV on Manual, or you can look for it online.

You can see this YouTube Video, to know – YouTube

2. Use a Mounting Plate

Mounting Plate can offer a secure hold to your TV with anchors combined. Mounting plates are usually of metals or plywood, you can choose any according to your TV’s weight, width, style of your room, etc.

However, the mounting plate isn’t visually appealing, but if you have a large screen TV, you shouldn’t entirely depend on anchors.

If you would like to mount your TV without studs, you can use anchors and mounting plates.

Tip Always use a mounting plate smaller than, the monitor (TV Screen) so that it could hide behind it. At the same time, try to find a perfect mounting plate, as a mounting plate designed for 32 inch TV, can’t able to handle the weight of your 42 inch TV.

3. Use Toggle Anchors

Toggle anchors are just like any other regular screw, however, the key difference is they have a butterfly toggle at the end.

Now, the butter toggle at the end helps this anchor to attach completely to the drywall. Thus, removing them would require more pressure externally to unscrew them. Which offers a reliable mount to your TV.

However, you should consider the condition of your wall, and the size of the TV, then buy Toggle Anchors accordingly.

How to Mount a TV Using Toggle Anchors

  • First and foremost, see the weight of your TV and the condition of your wall and toggle anchors accordingly. You will find it both on the offline and online market.
  • Choose and mark the spot where you have to mount your TV.
  • Now, cut the plywood according to the shape of your TV, place it and drill it with toggle anchors.
  • Then, replace the toggles with a screw and tighten the screw
  • Check the mount is tight and firm.
  • Then, just place your TV in the bracket.
  • Now, you can see your hanging TV, check if it’s firm or not, to prevent the crash landing of your TV.

4. The Molly Bolts

Just like toggle anchors, molly bolts also provide a firm hold, however, it’s a little harder to drill them. But when they are fixed, then their mechanism is designed to carry heavy loads. There are two types of molly bolts, pointed one and un-pointed, for easy installation you should go for pointed ones.

Molly bolts are another good way to mount a TV, without studs, and they can also carry heavyweights.

5. Ceiling Mounting

Ceiling mounting is not highly recommended, yet if you don’t have any way to mount the TV left, you can consider it. However, the method is more complicated and more labour-intensive than others. You have to hire labour and need longer screws to reach to joists, depending on the design of your house.

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Instructions to mount a TV on the wall without studs

Here are some of the instructions you should keep in mind while mounting a TV without Studs.

  • Before choosing any mounting method, please check the weight of your TV. Then, buy anchors, toggle anchors, mounting plates, or even studs accordingly. An 80 inch will weigh around 100 – 120 lbs, although you can read the manual or check online to find accurate weight.
  • Be aware of your drywall condition, and check if that can support that much weight or not.



1. Can You Mount a 60 inch TV on Drywall?

Yes, you can easily mount a 60 inch TV on drywall, in fact, you can mount up to 100 lbs TV to drywall, which is an 80 inch TV. Although it highly depends on the condition of your wall, the drywall can support that much weight.

2. How to Mount Something on Wall Without Studs?

Although studs can be helpful, if you don’t have them, you can use – Toggle Bolt, Anchors, Molly Bolts or any regular screw to mount something on the wall. These all options are easy to drill and can be found easily, other than that you can also use a mounting plate with anchors to mount something.

So that’s it for today’s article, if you have any queries left, you can comment it down, we will reply to you in a while…

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