Mortgage For Foreigners In Morocco

Mortgage For Foreigners In Morocco

As a matter of fact, Morocco is a very beautiful place. In the past few years, real estate investment has increased in this place. So there is some specific mortgage rule for foreigners. So here is the guide about Mortgage for foreigners in Morocco. If you are a foreigner and looking to invest in real estate here then this guide will help you.

The process of buying property in this country is not tough. But from the foreigner’s point of view, it is tough. Because you will require a lot of different documents and have to go through various verification processes. So here is more about this topic.

Best Place To Invest In Morocco

Here is the list of cities can states that you should consider investing in Morocco. These states will have a hike in the property amount in the coming years. So if you are going to invest in Morocco then you should look for these states.

  1. Casablanca
  2. Marrakech
  3. Agadir
  4. Fes
  5. Tangier
  6. Rabat
  7. Essaouira

The prices of property in these states are very different. You might find some differences in the document submission. Because every state has its requirements.

Factors Affecting The Mortgages In Morocco

Here are a few factors that are important to consider while buying any property in Morocco. These factors affect the mortgages in Morocco. So make sure that you look for these factors before your purchase.

#1. Currency Considerations

One significant consideration for non-natives seeking a mortgage in Morocco is the currency in which the loan is nominated. While numerous deals are conducted in Moroccan Dirhams( frenetic), some banks may offer mortgages in foreign currencies.

It’s essential to precisely estimate the pros and cons of each option, considering implicit currency oscillations and their impact on prepayment.

#2. Legal Framework

Non-natives looking to buy property in Morocco should be apprehensive of the legal frame governing real estate deals. While Morocco is generally open to foreign investment, certain regulations must be followed.

Non-residents can acquire property in Morocco, but they may need to gain blessing from the Ministry of Interior. Engaging an original legal expert is judicious to ensure compliance with all regulations and guarantee a smooth sale.

#3. Mortgage Eligibility

Moroccan banks are open to furnishing mortgages to non-natives, but eligibility criteria may vary. Generally, aspirants must give evidence of income, employment, and occupancy. Some banks may bear a down payment ranging from 20 to 30 of the property’s value. Demonstrating fiscal stability and having a good credit score are pivotal factors impacting mortgage blessing.

Risks To Consider While Buying A Property In Morocco

Here are a few risk factors that one should consider while purchasing a property in Morocco.

  1. Landowner FraudBecause there are no registries for land and It is hard to tell who is the actual owner of the land.
  2. Take extra money In the name of verification and document requirements, lawyers can take more money from you.
  3. It is hard to get property in Morocco. And if you bought one then you should consider the maintenance cost. Because the maintenance cost is very high here.
  4. Once you buy a property it is difficult to resell it. Because of the limited resources.
  5. Not having a trusty source in Morocco can lead you to several property frauds.


In conclusion, Here is a mortgage for foreigners in Morocco. As a foreigner, you have to give more mortgages in Morocco. Because you have to go through various legal procedures. So buying a property in Morocco as a foreigner is not easy. Here is the guide that will help you to understand the basics about mortgages and why these mortars are high here. 

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