Linkedin Ads Frequency Cap {Quick Guide}

Linkedin Ads Frequency Cap {Quick Guide}

Here is the ultimate guide for the ad capping on LinkedIn. Ad capping allows brands to make the customer see one ad more than once. Hence the brand exposure increases which in turn increases the customer of the brands.

LinkedIn ads frequency cap

Linkedin advertising is among the most expensive advertising. It has fewer audience members than Facebook and Twitter, but its ads are still more expensive than theirs. It is all about the app’s reputation and work. Facebook is mainly for making friends and talking and the same is twitter.  but LinkedIn is for the professional world. You can increase and decrease your ad frequency on LinkedIn.

This platform is to post jobs in the form of ads. Once you log in as the creator account, you must pay $80 immediately. This is the monthly fee package of LinkedIn. It is much more expensive than any other platform. But it gives more work and value. Here is the guide for LinkedIn ads frequency cap.

What is the ad frequency cap?

Frequency capping is used by the digital marketer. This allows the brands to limit how many times the target audience can see one ad in 48 hours. If you see one ad again and again then you will surely click on it to know more about it. Hence it allows brands to increase their business through ad frequency. So, ad frequency on any platform is very important. Linkedin allows its users to make the ad frequency at the highest. So it gives more exposure to brands. Hence you will see more than once one ad in a day.

How do get more customers through LinkedIn ads?

If you are on LinkedIn ads to increase your click-through rate and to increase the audience then you have to refresh the ad. The more you refresh the more the audience will see your ad. On average refreshing four times, a week is enough to generate good traffic.

It demons on purpose to the purpose than how many times will become sufficient for you.

The ad frequency Also depends on the interest of your customer. If one customer clicks on a certain type of ad. Then LinkedIn will try to show him the same genre and more. Hence it somehow limits some of the brand’s ads.

Types of ad format on LinkedIn

There are many types of formats that LinkedIn offers to make your ad more attractive. You can post in one format only. Here you can easily create your ad. The ad format highly depends on your brand and your target audience. If your target audience is teenagers then video ads will suit you. Here are all the options that are available for you.

1) Video ads-

To make ads more attractive, creative video formats are available according to the needs of every brand. You can add your description in the video and post your ad to attract an audience. These videos have sound too.

2) Image ads-

Image ad the most common type is the image ad. You can create an attractive banner mentioning the agenda of your brand and its benefits. You can either make your unique label or you can use the template from LinkedIn itself.

3) Text ads-

Linkedin is more famous for text ads. You can describe your brand and the job through these texts. And interested people will comment below or click on the link given.

4) Message ads-

These message ads allow us to send the ads via inbox. You can directly message the target audience. The message will be written in the form of a text ad.

5) Spotlight ads-

These allow the user to see the profile of the ad poster. And these profiles are usually attractive to attract enough customers for the brand.

All these features make the ad creative and helpful for the brand. No other platform offers such formats and features. Hence these make LinkedIn unique from any other brand.


In conclusion, LinkedIn is among the biggest platforms for brand exposure. Linkedin has a more serious audience than any other platform. Hence the ad price is very high here. You will see an audience of over 20 years here only. Facebook and all have more fake accounts. So LinkedIn offers more exposure to brands.

Hence brands do ad capping here more than often. Here is everything that you need to know about the LinkedIn ads frequency cap. Every single detail is mentioned here. Hope you will find this helpful.

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