Learn How To Socialize Grumpy Hedgehogs?

Feature image - Learn How To Socialize Grumpy Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are very sensitive pets. they can get irritated very easily. the reasons behind their grumpy behaviour are as follows: scent sensitive, light-sensitive, movement-sensitive, etc.

Socializing facts about hedgehogs

Have you had any pet hedgehogs? Those who have a hedgehog know how adorable these little creatures are. These are among the category of most loving pets however the handling of these is a little tough. It becomes very tough to control them if they start miss behaving. But in most cases, they remain calm until they remain with their owner. Hedgehogs owners know the struggle behind keeping them. This pet animal is very active at night and it will require a lot of patience and a long time to bond with him. So before having a hedgehog as a pet always learns how to bond and how to socialize with grumpy hedgehogs.

The question is why hedgehogs behave grumpily. Well, there are a lot of factors behind this. I will explain them one by one so that you can learn more about your pet.

Need To Know About How To Socialize Grumpy Hedgehogs?

#1. Heavy on scent

So the thing is that hedgehogs are very sensitive to scents. They can differentiate between the scents very well so try to wear the same scent around your pet. So that he bonds with you better every time you go ner to them. This animal has very poor vision compared to other animals so they rely on their smell a lot. They can easily differentiate between people through scents. So if you wear different body lotion, perfumes, and all then this might be one of the reasons why your hedgehog behaves grumpy with you. I will suggest you stop using strong smell soaps and scents around your pet. In the end, it will help you bond with him.

#2. Light sensitivity

Due to poor vision, they are very sensitive to light. So if you have any lamp or any light source around your pet’s house then you will see a behaviour change. Because if some shadow comes in front of them they will get scared and try to run here and there. You will eventually find his behaviour grumpy so either keep them in a very good light source or keep them around a constant light source. Make sure the environment remains the same; it should not change frequently.

#3. Avoid sudden moment

Along with the vision they are very sensitive to sudden movements too. If you have your hedgehog in your arms and you move suddenly then your pet will get afraid and he will end up frustrated. Hedgehog pokes a little and that sudden poking might scare you but try to keep yourself relaxed. Pet hedgehogs are very cute and they behave just like the baby so you should treat them with proper care and affection. They are very specific to their owners so never give your hedgehog to someone else it will only make them ill due to separation anxiety.

#4. Cuddling

I know that hedgehogs poke even if they are bald and also it may not be the most interesting and fun thing. But trust this works the best. Try to start cuddling your grumpy hedgehog, just start with half an hour in a day and you will see the results by yourself. Whenever you go out to play or on walks just put him into your pocket it will make him comfortable around you. And also it becomes addictive to your scent.

Make sure that your clothing doesn’t have any hanging string that tickles your pet. Because tickling can make them angry and uncomfortable.

I hope all the above ideas will make your bonding strong with your pet. Hedgehogs require special attention all the time. You can never leave them alone. Even they require cleaning very frequently.

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