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Learn How to Scan and Send Documents Via Email


Once upon a time… there were printers that were only capable of doing ‘Printing’. And nowadays your printer can scan and send documents via email.


Or just turn on your phone scan and send documents via email.

Although the world is moving faster into a digital place, still much of our business work is carried on paper. And in that situation, if you don’t know how to scan documents to email, either you’ll try to fill the message body or fax them. Of course, The average number of pieces of paper used per day by UK office workers is 45. Globally, an average office worker uses 10k pieces of paper in a year.

Representation of How to Scan and Send Documents Via Email

How to Scan Documents on Printer and send it?

Cannon, Epson, or HP every printer has scanners with them, you can scan through it and send via email.

STEP-1: Connect your printer with your Laptop and place your document to scan.

STEP-2: Place the side of the paper you want to scan.

STEP-3: Tap on Scan and in your computer select size & document type.

STEP-4: Scan!

STEP-5: The scanned item will be displayed, and in the displayed image, you’ve to save the document or edit the document (if necessary) and then save it.

STEP-6: Right-click on the document, and email it!

STEP-7: If you want to change file format then open the file in Word and then tap on ‘File’ and then ‘Export’

How to email a scanned document with mobile?

Of course, you can able to scan the documents for your smartphone and you can share with anyone without needing printer helps.

You just have to download any of these scanners like Cam scanner, Adobe Scanner, or Microsoft office lens. Install it and scan with them or simply scan and send it with your Google Drive.

So, Google will be easiest for Android devices and these apps are recommended for iOS devices.

1) Open your Google Drive

Open google drive and click the plus sign

Go to your Google Drive application, and press the  ‘+’ sign symbol that belongs to the bottom right corner.

2) Scan

Tap on scan option

Then a small window will pop up and 6 options will appear select ‘Scan’.

3) Snapshot

Snapshot Picture

Choose a document you want to scan and snapshot it!

4) Make a PDF

Make a PDF

Now your file will be converted as a PDF by Google Drive, and two options will be available, to take another screenshot or retake this screenshot.

5) Email the document

Follow the last step to Scan and Send Documents Via Email

There will be a checkmark, click on it. You’ll find this scanned document in Google Drive, click on the three dots, and there send the file as a copy.


You can easily scan your old document also and save it to drive or any cloud storage. It’s better than paper, as far as some orbit destroy the database of Google.

If you found this article helpful, share it with your colleagues and step, into this digital space.

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