How to See Worldwide Twitter Trends in Twitter App?

How to See Worldwide Twitter Trends in Twitter Application

Twitter is a great Micro-Blogging App, which empowers its users to raise their voice with hashtags. You can see trending topics of the US, sitting in India. Not only in the US, but you can see worldwide trends in Twitter App.

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Many Twitter users don’t know how to see trends by their locations or even how can you see trends, in this article we will try to cover these:

  1. What are the Twitter Trends?
  2. How to See Twitter Trends in Your Mobile (Twitter App)
  3. How to Set Locations to See Twitter Trends.

What Are the Twitter Trends?

Screenshot of Trend TAB

Recently when famous south Indian actor ‘Allu Arjun’ shared the tweet about his covid-19 report test, which was positive. His fans started to wish him a quick recovery, this little act blew up the Twitter trends for the whole day.

His fans unconsciously put Arjun’s name on the Twitter trend list and it was trending for a whole day. So this is the perfect example, of the true power of Twitter trends and to know how the trend works here.

Screenshot of three listed tab

When you tweet something with a hashtag, and when many peoples use the hashtags at the same time, then you can trend on Twitter. Also, these things differ from country to country, every country has its own trend list.

How to See Twitter Trends in Your Mobile? (Twitter App)

Now, you’ve known what are Twitter trends and how are their algorithms on a surface level. So now, where to see these trends in your smartphone.


So, in your Twitter App, go to explore tab which is assigned with a search icon. In that tab, you can see the search option and under that, you can see trends.

But that’s not all, in the first tab, algorithms will set trends according to you. This means if you have a curiosity about Fashion, you will see fashion-related stuff. Now twist is it’s not a real trend because it’s different for everybody.

Close to it, you’ll see Covid-19 (These tabs change according to country, for India it’s Covid-19) or any other thing. If you have a curiosity in that world, you can see what’s trending in that world.

Close to Covid-19 (or any other name) you’ll see the third tab and there will be trends that are trending in your location, but you can change the location.

After changing your location in the Trend Section of the Twitter App you can See Worldwide Twitter Trends in Twitter App

How to Set Location to See Twitter Trends?

In that third tab only, there will be a setting icon. When you tap on it, they’re an option to change location preference will be available. By not allowing Twitter to set location automatically, you can set location with your preference.

You can also do this on your desktop by following this same process, in explore option…

Screenshot of latest twitter trends


By following these simple steps, one can view Twitter trends in his mobile Twitter app. Plus, you can change your country’s location preference and see what’s trending in the world. I personally use this feature to know that country’s people’s choices and interests.

How’ll you use this feature comment down 😉

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