Know How To Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

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Temporary tattoos are meant for a short period of time however if you take some precautions then they can last long for a very long time. follow the below-mentioned tricks to stay in your tattoo for long.

Temporary tattoos and their longevity

Temporary tattoos are meant for a short period say 1 or 2 weeks. Tattoo design does not last long if handled with carelessness. In some countries, permanent tattoos are not allowed so people do these short-term tattoos. You need to take some precautions to make the tattoo last longer. In this article, I will tell you how to make temporary tattoos last longer. Follow these below-mentioned steps if you are about to get a temporary tattoo.

All You Need To Know About How To Make Temporary Tattoos Last Longer?

Tip #1. Clean the skin

Natural skin oils do not allow you to stick the tattoo on your skin. Before applying make sure the surface does not have any cosmetic products on it. Do not use cosmetic lotion on the skin. Clean the skin with water and soap to get rid of extra oil and stickiness. Applying baby powder after cleaning makes the tattoo stay in its place for a long period.

Tip #2. Selection of the right area

This is the exception for the Henna tattoo but chooses a surface that does not move frequently and does not rub much against the cloth. This trick will make your tattoo more visible and it will remain in place for more than average time. Make sure you do not rub the tattoo after application. Also, avoid those areas which have more sweat spots because excess sweat secretion will make your tattoo fade away in a very short time.

Tip #3. Use permanent marker

When your tattoo starts to fade away then use a permanent marker on it. It will protect the main tattoo beneath. Try to overdo with the marker gently, do not push too hard; this will harm the main tattoo. You can also use different color markers to fill the space between your tattoos. This will keep your tattoo looking cooler.

Tip #4. Avoid hot water

Make sure you keep your tattoo away from the water, especially hot water. Because it will quickly dissolve the extra ink. Avoid normal water for at least 2 hours and hot water permanently. Even warm water should be avoided. Also, hot watersheds the dead skin quickly so your tattoo will come off along with the dead skin.

Tip #5. Petroleum jelly

After having a temporary tattoo make sure you use petroleum jelly on it. Before going into the sun or before taking a shower use petroleum jelly, because jelly is water-resistant so it keeps the 90%water away from the tattoo. Hence the tattoo will last longer. Some people rub alcohol too but it will work for the permanent tattoo. Rubbing alcohol on a temporary tattoo will only make it fade.

Tip #6. Use makeup

You can use the loose powder to keep your tattoo in place for a long time. Take any makeup brush, dip it in the loose powder and apply it to the tattoo. Loose powder will prevent sweat from that area. You can also make your tattoo look more prominent with the help of makeup. If you counsel the area around your tattoo then it will look more dark and prominent. It will give a permanent tattoo illusion.

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