Know How Many Rounds Can Normal Men Go?

Feature Image- How Many Rounds Can Normal Men Go

On average, a man in his 20s can go up to 5 rounds however this number decreases with time and other factors. the factors are as mentioned below.

Do You Know How Many Average Number Of Rounds a Can Normal Men Goes?

Real life is very different from porn life so eventually, the ejaculation time and the total number of rounds and orgasms, etc are also different. Usually, porn stars take pills before shooting their videos. These pills increase their ejaculation time. So never compare your man’s time and rounds with porn videos. There are various factors on which sex life depends. I’ll tell you about all these factors and also how many rounds a can normal men go.

Factors that affect the sex life

Various factors need to be considered before comparing your man’s strengths. All those factors are mentioned below.

  1. Age-

    Men above the age of 40 are likely to decrease their sexual strength. They can not go for many rounds compared to their 20s. This can make him think that he is having some problems and need medication but it is completely normal. With age, our recovery time decreases hence the number of rounds decreases. They can not go for more than 3 rounds at one time. So it is clear that the quicker the recovery period the more rounds you can go.

  2. Alcohol–

    All the lifestyle-related problems have a great impact on your sex life. You may not agree with this but medically it is true. If you are a hard alcohol consumer and smoker then these things will surely hinder your sex life. Your stamina will automatically decrease and your ejaculation time will decrease too. All these things have long-term effects on your sexual life.

  3. Mental health-

    Any kind of stress and depression either office, family, or relationship-related can affect your sex life. This also decreases the desire for more rounds. So it is not always the strength that matters in sex life. If you are taking anti-depression pills then it will decrease your testosterone level. So try to avoid all these to maintain a happy and healthy sex life.

  4. Refractory period-

    This is the period when after having an orgasm and sexual intercourse the other person becomes non-responsive. Usually, both males and females have this condition. It is very natural that after a satisfactory round they go for the next but if this is not happening then this is a serious medical problem. The cause behind this can be physical disabilities, non-erection of the genital, less lube in the female genital which makes intercourse painful, stress, and many more.

What is the average duration for an average man?

Sex life depends on several factors. But still talking about the average duration then we can say that a man in his 20s can go up to 5 rounds in a day. However, this number decreases with age. Also, health-related issues can affect this number.

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