Know here How to Cancel Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

How to Cancel Amazon FreeTime

As a matter of fact, Amazon FreeTime is one of the subscription services this is especially useful for kids between 3 to 12 years old. In this subscription, you will get 10,000+ Videos, Books, TV Shows, and Movies, basically, it’s all one subscription. How here you are dissatisfied with the service, you can unsubscribe, Know here How to Cancel Amazon Freetime Unlimited.

Want To Know How to Cancel Amazon FreeTime Unlimited?

It hardly takes 5 minutes to cancel the subscription, it will be beneficial if you aren’t using it but paying for it monthly.

Amazon provides two ways to unsubscribe from FreeTime Unlimited.

1. Cancel Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Using Amazon’s Fire Tablet

Grab your kid’s fire tablet, and follow the steps to navigate to the unsubscribe button.

Steps –

  • On Amazon FreeTime, go to Parent’s Setting.
  • Now, you’ll see Manage Content and Subscription tap on it.
  • Then, You can now proceed to enter your parental controls password.
  • Then, Scroll a bit, and you’ll find Manage Subscription Content, you can tap on it.
  • From next, you can simply tap on Unsubscribe from Amazon FreeTime Unlimited.

That’s you have canceled your Amazon FreeTime Unlimited subscription!

There is another method, in which you don’t require a Fire Tablet device, but can be done online, with any mobile or laptop. Let’s see

2. Cancel Amazon FreeTime Online

For this method you don’t need Fire Tablet, you can do this via your phone, laptop, etc. Follow the steps below.

Steps –

  • First of all, Go to this page –
  • You have to sign in there.
  • Now, it’s time to click on the Cancel Subscription option.
  • Then, you can select the appropriate reason why you want to proceed with this “Amazon FreeTime” cancellation.
  • After that, you can click Submit as well as to Confirm your Cancellation decision here.

Of course, the above steps help you to completely cancel your Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Subscription without the need for Fire Tablet Device for your end.

However, what will happen after the subscription ends, let’s see.

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What Happens If I Cancel Amazon FreeTime?

After canceling the subscription, you won’t have to pay for a monthly subscription anymore. But does ending the subscription will affect you, or what feature will be missing.

This is a valid question, here’s what will happen if you cancel your Amazon FreeTime subscription.

  • If you were charged for a subscription recently, Amazon will refund you the full amount.
  • Any content from your subscription, won’t be accessible.
  • In contrast, you can able to access the content that you have purchased and added to your child’s profile.

You’ll lose the following things after ending your subscription. However, you re-subscribe to it anytime you want.

To Subscribe again to Amazon FreeTime, you can follow the steps –

  • Parents Setting > Manage Content & Subscription.
  • Now, enter the parental control password.
  • Manage Subscription Content > Subscribe to¬†Amazon FreeTime¬†Unlimited.
  • There are two plans Amazon offers to start a subscription.
    • Single Chile Plan
    • Family Plan
  • Subscribe to any of them, and complete the payment and you’ll be re-subscribed.

Frequently Asked Question About Amazon FreeTime Unlimited

1. What is Amazon FreeTime?

Of course, once you want to use amazon’s free time, you must know that amazon FreeTime was specially designed for kids between 3 – 12 years of age. So, Once you active this subscription, your kid can able to access more than 13,000+ kids-friendly, informational content. This includes Kid’s books, Movies, TV Shows, etc.

This is an optional monthly subscription, it’s your wish to subscribe to it or not.

2. Why am I Being Charged for FreeTime

The simple answer is you’ve taken the subscription for Amazon FreeTime, mistakenly. Else, you’ve taken their free trial and forgot to cancel the subscription, that’s why every month you’re being charged.

However, you can cancel it in Parental Control in Amazon FreeTime, under the Manage Subscription tab.

Amazon FreeTime Customer Service Number


You can call this number, and resolve the issues or doubts you have regarding Amazon FreeTime Unlimited Subscription.

I hope this post resolved your issue, if you have any queries left, you can comment it down.

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