Is My Garage Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

Is My Garage Covered Under Homeowners Insurance

The garage is covered under homeowners insurance policies. If you have an attached garage then the claim will be more. But if your garage is situated separately then the claim money will be very few. To know more read the below-given article.

Garage coverage under homeowners insurance

Garage coverage for home insurance

Homeowner insurance is a personal property coverage insurance. Home insurance covers different structures of your house. Unlike auto insurance homeowners insurance coverage is high and so are the premiums. You have to pay almost triple the amount compared to the other insurances. That is why not many people take home insurance cover.

But at the time of natural disasters, this insurance coverage reduces the replacement cost very much. People remain confused about what is covered under the homeowner’s insurance and what is not. A most common question is my garage covered under homeowners insurance? We will try to find the answer to this here.

Types of garage

There will be many different structures on your property. And every structure has its value. There are only two types of garage arrangements found.

  • Detached garages
  • Attached garages

Homeowner insurance covers your garage damage but it also does depend on what type of garage you have. The cost will limit if you have a detached garage, but on the attached garage the cost will remain the same as other house structures.

Damage causes that are not covered under homeowners insurance

Many causes won’t cover under the homeowner’s insurance. Check this list before a claim for the insurance company.

  • Flood- you have to take different flood insurance for this.
  • Earthquake
  • Nuclear accidents
  • Government act

These will not cover by your homeowner insurance policy. So always read the terms and conditions of the policy before finalizing one.

Conditions for the damage cover the garage

The insurance policy covers the garage damage under certain circumstances only. Other than these circumstances your garage will not get a claim for the repair or replacement. These conditions are as follows:

  • Vehicle damage
  • Fire damage
  • Damage due to ice
  • Smoke damage
  • Any damage due to heavy objects

These will cover your garage damage. In the case of personal property, the garage is always included as part of the coverage. However, it depends on what type of garage you have and what is inside your garage. Basically, the insurance company is going to only pay out for the damage to the garage and not for the damage to the car. You have to take separate insurance for the car.

Does the garage door cover under the insurance claim?

A garage door is part of your garage. The cost of the repair is always in the insurance policy. But if a third party has damaged your garage. For example, if your neighbour hit your garage with a car and your garage door broke then garaged or repair money will deduct from the neighbour’s insurance policy. Hence it is not always your insurance policy that will pay for the damage. Garage damage cost is very high so people usually take such policies that give more benefits for the garage repair.

Insurance cover the condition of the detached garage

It is good if your garage is attached to the house. Because you will get the full claim for this. The garage is placed separately it comes under the other structure of the house. These other structures only get the 10% claim of the insurance. It will not, matter how much damage happens to the garage. It will always consider other structures. Some policies give more benefit to the other structures of the house. So check your policy.


In conclusion, most people do not know that the garage covers under the insurance policy. So they never actually fill the claim for this. However, the company only covers the property and not the material inside. For example, if your car was inside the garage at the time of the disaster then the insurance company will only pay for the garage repair and not for the car damage.

Here is all you need to know about the garage insurance claim. Both detached and attached garage gets the claim. It is just that the detached garage receives less amount than the attached ones. Hope you will find this helpful.

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