Is Bunion Surgery Covered By Insurance?

Is Bunion Surgery Covered By Insurance

Is it possible to get insurance coverage for bunion surgery? Bunion surgery is a medical surgery. Hence it is covered by the issuance policy. Your health insurance covers bunion surgery. You can also buy a separate insurance policy for the bunion treatment. It’s among the most common surgery in the past 6 years. this disease is genetic.

Insurance coverage for bunion surgery

All the surgeries are very costly. Not everyone can afford the surgery cost. There are other expenses too like the medicines and the hospital stay. Hence the insurance company helps you to pay for all the surgeries. Bunion removal surgery is among the most costly surgeries in the medical field. Every 5 out of 10 people have bunion surgery. Hence the cost of bunion surgery falls under your health insurance policy. Some people confuse about this. So here is more about “Is bunion surgery covered by insurance”?

What is bunion surgery?

A bunion is a genetic disease. The big toe joint in your leg becomes nonaligned. And hence run in the opposite direction. Which makes it look like an abnormal growth on the side of your toe. The only procedure to remove this is outpatient surgery. If you wear a boot or a shoe, this condition worsens. Also, the bunion pain is unbearable. So if you are experiencing bunion pain, you must do this surgery immediately.

What is the cost of bunion surgery?

The bunion surgery cost in the united states is relatively high. 80 percent of the people have bunion pain here. And almost 50% go for the surgery. The average cost for bunion surgery is $3500 to $400. The cost highly depends on the patient’s condition. If the patient is in the bunion’s initial stage of the bunion then the cost will be almost the price mentioned above. Also, it depends from doctor to doctor. Surgery does not include only the operation it also includes the doctor’s fee and the medical bills. So overall it is a very costly surgery. And not everyone can afford this.

Bunion surgery and the insurance

The insurance covers bunion surgery. Because only cosmetic surgeries do not fall under the insurance policy. And bunion is a pure medical purpose surgery. So, your insurance does cover the bunion surgery. Instead of buying a separate insurance policy for the bunion just check your health insurance. There are high chances that the bunion will fall in it.  If the health insurance is paying for your bunion surgery then it will cover around $60% of the total cost. Hence makes the surgery affordable for you. You can also contact your insurance agent broker to ask if the bunion surgery is covered by your health insurance policy or not.

When to get the bunion surgery?

Some signs will show you that it is high time to get bunion surgery. Because it is a disease that gets worse with time. So if you wait any longer you will face more problems in doing day-to-day life work.

1) The medications are not working.

2) The pain is becoming severe and you are facing difficulty in walking.

3) Progressive arthritis pain.

4) The physiotherapy is not working on the pain. And you are seeing no changes.

All these signs show that it is time for bunion surgery. You can discuss it with your doctor, who will tell you about all the surgery possibilities.


In conclusion, bunion surgery is a medical purpose surgery. And all the medical surgery covered under the insurance policy. You can either ask your insurance agent about it or check your physical copy of the insurance policy. You can also take a separate insurance policy for bunion surgery purposes. Now you know the answer is bunion surgery is covered by insurance.

Here is all the necessary information about the insurance covering the insurance policy. You will be required to pay almost half the price for the bunion surgery after having insurance. Hope you will find this helpful.

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