Instagram Temporarily Blocked for Going Too Fast

Instagram Temporarily Blocked for Going Too Fast

As a matter of fact, we are all know that Instagram is a very popular social media application. People prefer Instagram over any other social media app because it is very easy to use and its popularity is increasing day by day.

But recently Instagram has introduced a new feature or you can say new restrictions. According to this feature, you cannot comment, like, and skip posts too fast. If you doing this activity so many times continuously then probably your Instagram temporarily blocked for going too fast. There may be some other reasons for blocking off your account but going too fast is a very frustrating reason. Maybe Instagram introduced this feature to save bandwidth.

How to know if your account is banned or not?

It is very easy to find if your account is blocked or not. If you open your account and see something like in this picture your account is blocked.

you are temporarily blocked message on instagram

When you go too fast on Instagram you will always receive a warning first. Try to avoid doing the same mistakes after you receive a warning. Otherwise, the Instagram community will block your account.

instagram getting error message "your account may be deleted"

Does your account also block by Instagram for short period? If yes, then all you need to do is read this article till the end. Because in this article we are going to discuss almost all the reasons that can lead your Instagram to block.

1) Avoid commenting and liking too fast

If you comment very fast on any posts one by one you may get block by Instagram. It can happen even if you are leaving the same comment to everyone on your post. In the same way, your Instagram can be temporarily blocked if you like photos very fast.

Solution- You can must avoid like and comment photos for Instagram too fast. Like and comment on a post and then take a pause and after a while like another post. Do the same while dropping a heart to comments on your photos.

2) Do not follow many people at once

I have seen so many people sending lots of requests to other users just to increase the followers. If you are one of them, be careful. Because following lots of people at once can block your Instagram.

Solution- Avoid following lots of people at once. If you want to follow many people then follow 3-5 people at a time. After that follow another 3-5 people after almost 1 hour. In this way, you can follow many people in the safest way.

3) Stop sending same DM’s to everyone in a short period

This is a very common problem for people with a business account. In order to promote their business, they keep on sending the same DM’s to everyone in a short period. It’s against the new feature and guidelines of Instagram. By the way, Insta can block your profile temporarily.

Solution- if you want to send the same DM’s to many users. Send it by taking a pause. Do not send the same direct message to everyone in a short period.

4) Stop scrolling the feed way too fast

Many users scroll their feed very fast as to explore many things. And some users scroll very fast because they have some other works to do. It can also block your Instagram temporarily.

Solution- Scroll your feed like a normal person. If you have other works to do finish them off and then use your Instagram. And you can explore more if you scroll calmly.

5) Do not unfollow lots of people at once

Users firstly follow lots of people to increase their followers and once they get enough of them, they started to unfollow everyone. But unfollowing many people in a short period can block your Instagram.

Solution- Avoid unfollow people in a short period. Unfollow 20-30 people at a time and after 30 mins do the same.

6) Do not go against the Instagram community guidelines

There are some videos and photos which are prohibited by the Instagram community guideline. If you post and share such kind of videos your Instagram may be blocked permanently.

action blocked Instagram error message

Solution- Be humble and honest while using Instagram. Do not post and share prohibited content. And try to act friendly with everyone because your account can be banned if someone reports it.

These are almost all the reasons and their solutions for Instagram temporarily blocked account for going too fast.

7) Do not use the third-party app

You can find a variety of third-party apps in the play store. These apps will provide you fake followers, fake likes, and comments on your post. Many of them are banned by Instagram and when you use it your Instagram is temporarily blocked.

Solution- Avoid using all these kinds of third-party apps. They may provide you instant followers but they may become the reason for your blocked Instagram. Of course, there are so many other ways to increase followers and good things always take time. There is no shortcut to success.

What if your Instagram has already blocked?

Actually, You don’t need to panic if your Instagram account temporarily blocked for going too much fast. Because in almost every case Instagram block account, temporarily. Generally, Instagram took almost 24 hours to unblock your account again. And after then analyze why your Instagram got blocked and once you find it try not to repeat the same mistake again.

If your account is not unblocked even after 24 hours go to settings and report the problem. Prove them you are not a scammer. It can take time but don’t panic at that time period. Try to avoid using the phone and keep your mind calm. Do not lose your control.

How to recover your banned account?

If your Instagram temporarily blocked for going too fast, firstly report to Instagram. After that Instagram community will check your account. If they find any kind of suspicious activity by your account, the chances of unblocking reduce. But if they don’t find any wrong activity by your account, they will unblock your account.

There is another trick which you can try. Stop using your Instagram for two days and then start using it on the third day. Do normal activities as you do before.

If you found this article helpful. Kindly drop your suggestions and comments in the comment box.

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