Instagram Story Hacks to make your stories beautiful

Instagram Story Hacks to make your stories beautiful

The most colorful social media app, Instagram is famous for its stories feature. Whenever we travel some where we share stories, when we eat something, we share stories, when we get bored, we share stories. Isn’t it? That is the impact of stories. But the real question is why Instagram stories are so popular?. Because of its flexibility, interactive features, various options to add various interactive animations etc. etc. Let’s have a deeper look.

Creative Instagram stories hack

Here are creative Instagram stories hacks that will enhance the beauty of your Instagram profile.

  1. Select the different kind of templates for Instagram stories
  2. Various effects in Instagram stories
  3. Professional use of colors in Instagram stories
  4. Use of different widgets in stories
  5. Interactive widget and other  tools for Instagram stories

Let’s have a look into each Instagram story hacks in detail. Here we go.

1) Select the different kind of templates for Instagram stories

When you share Instagram story, there is not a creative template available that you can creatively manage. But when you are sharing some text then there is definitely countable number of stories available. To use these templates just follow these steps.

  • First of all, you can open the Instagram application on your own mobile phone.
  • Swipe right on your insta app.
  • It will show the camera screen with variety of options.
  • Then select a create mode. The create symbol is Aa (usually it can placed first option for left side).
  • After that you will see a white round capture button at the bottom of the screen.
  • And there will be some other round buttons on the side of that.
  • Moreover, you can swipe over that buttons on your phone and choose one of your favorite templates so far.

2) Apply Various effects in Instagram stories

By default, there are two ways you can able to share stories on Instagram.

i) First one is that you click photo directly from camera or shoot a live video.

ii) And the another one is to share photos and videos from the library or gallery of your smart phone.

In both the cases you can use effects to your Instagram story. Just do some things to add an effect to your story.

If you are having the story by clicking direct from the camera then just look at the round button at the bottom of the story. Swipe on your left side by clicking on that button and you will see the different effects. And if you are sharing a post from Instagram then just look at the emoji icon with some stars over it, over the top left corner of the story. On clicking that you will have the popup from bottom and you can choose one of the effects.

3) Professional use of colors to Instagram stories

When you have a professional Instagram account, then there should be professionalism in your posts and stories too. The meaning here is the color combination should be proper. When you don’t use the images in the stories, you get dependent on the colors. Suppose you are using the default green gradient color background in the story.

And you want to add some text to it. The text color should be such that it highlights over there. The color green is not good on green and not pink too. The white or the black color will be better over it. Also, the widgets like poll and quiz etc. Should have the same color as that of the background. Here it means green gradient. This is how you can have the professional use of colors.

And talking about the colors that are to paint the stories. Here is how you can add them. Firstly, you can just go to the top of the story and after you choose the second option from the top right corner. Here you will have the different brushes and colors. You can select a color and brush. You can have eraser and neon brush too which has a highlighting effect.

4) Use of widgets in the stories

Widgets such as music, the ribbon with emoji, location, timer, mention, quiz, polls etc. enhance your story more than enough. If you are going to somewhere you can just add the locations and time. When your friend or someone’s  birthday is coming you can add a timer till her birthday. When you have to mention someone, you can just add a mention icon on the story.

Of course, when you have to show your mood with the stories then you can add a music of your choice. On the other hand, when want to interact with people you can add the poll widget in the story. You can also add today temperature highlight also. The search GIF widget is also available. And also, when you add these widgets you can actually customize them according to the theme too. The various styles are also available in these widgets.

To add these widgets to your story, click on the option with an icon at the top looks like rectangular smiley emoji and folded at the bottom. After the popup window will open having a search option and the creative widgets are on the top. You can choose one of them and add them accordingly. After adding them you can customize them on clicking the widget.

5) Use Interactive widget and other tools for Instagram stories

Interactivity is important part of stories and Instagram algorithm too. When you use interactive stories then the audience and followers engage into your story. And more the people will engage more will be the popularity on the Instagram. That’s the algorithm Instagram has.

So basically, no matter if you have a professional account or not. But the engagement should be there, otherwise what is the meaning of the stories. To have engagement with the stories you need people to take part in the stories. How do you do that? Definitely by adding the interactive widgets.

Here is how you can add interactive widgets to a story.

  • Firstly, you can click on the option with an icon like rectangular smiley emoji and folded at the bottom.
  • After the popup window will open having a search option and the creative widgets are on the top.
  • From that you can select one of the interactive widgets.
  • The interactive widgets are asking me a question (where you can add a question and people can answer that directly typing in the box of the stories), Quiz (where you can add a question and options, people can choose one of them), poll (in which you can ask something and people will vote for that) etc.
  • Then, choose one of the widgets and add questions to them. You can customize them as said earlier. And send to story and let people interact with you.

So, these were few Instagram stories hacks you must use to make your stories beautiful. Stay tuned to have such amazing articles. Hope it helped you about Instagram stories.

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