7 Quick Fixes For Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions

7 Quick Fixes For Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions

Adding captions, but Instagram is not showing? If you are facing this issue, don’t worry. You are one step closer to solving this issue. This article will tell you seven quick fixes for Instagram showing error while adding captions. Instagram is one of the most popular and dominating social media platforms today. Its popularity is still growing at an unmatched speed. Everyone is active on this platform, from celebrities to politicians and businesses to sports personalities.

Simply put, Instagram is the best platform to grow in the digital world. Now, the main objective of every individual, company, and community is to increase their reach on Instagram. Increased reach means more visibility on the platform, which ultimately leads to a huge follower base.

Instagram captions play an important role in increasing the reach of a post, which results in an increase in the popularity of the account. Facing errors while adding captions is very common. But its consequences are extremely serious. So let’s dive into the article and learn about captions, why Instagram is showing errors, and how to fix those errors.

What are Captions?

Instagram Captions

Caption is a very familiar term among social media individuals. However, we will tell you if you don’t know what a caption is. A caption is a sentence or word that describes your Instagram post. Usually, a caption is placed below an image, video, or any post. So that the other person will learn about the post instantly. You can also call it a short description of the post to help the viewers understand it better.

Now, captions are not limited to a short description. It also includes hashtags. These hashtags also provide a quick understanding of the post. Simply put, they tell the category or niche of the post. For example, a post with a tech hashtag indicates that the post is about technology.

Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions:5 Reasons

Before knowing the fixes, it’s important to know the reasons or causes behind Instagram showing error while adding captions. There can be multiple reasons behind Instagram showing error while adding captions, but here we will discuss the most common reasons. These five reasons are mainly responsible for all the issues you face while adding captions. So let’s learn about them one by one.

Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions - 5 Reasons

#1. Maximum Caption Limit

Though captions are short and thus people didn’t face any issues. When they don’t face any issues, they are unaware of the caption limit. Instagram allows captions of a maximum of 2400 characters, which is pretty enough. Now, if your caption exceeds this limit, Instagram will not show the caption after you submit any Instagram post.

#2. Maximum Hashtag Limit

Yes, this is the most common reason behind Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions. People usually don’t face the maximum character limit issue because most captions don’t exceed this limit. But in the case of hashtags, it is very common. Hashtags are directly connected with the reach of the post, and thus, people try to add more and more hashtags. However, Instagram only accepts a maximum of 30 hashtags for a post. So, it’s obvious that you will face issues if your hashtags are more than 30.

#3. Maximum Mentions Limit

This is another important element in a caption. Mentions mean mentioning other accounts in your post. This also helps increase the reach. And in the greed for more reach, people try to mention more and more people, especially people with high Instagram follower counts. Instagram is also aware of such tactics, and thus, it doesn’t allow more than 20 mentions in a post. So, like the above causes, here also, if you add more than 20 mentions, it will throw an error or hide the caption.

#4. Policy Violation

Every social media platform has its specific rules and set of policies. Now, if someone violates their policy, they will not accept it in any case. In case of policy violation, Instagram is free to do anything with your account or post. It may hide or delete your post, temporarily block your account, or restrict you from posting for some days. One major policy violation is using banned hashtags.

#5. App Issues

App issues are also responsible for the issues you are facing. There are multiple issues like if you are using an outdated version of Instagram or your internet connection is slow. One major application issue is server down, and it is very common. Almost every company faces server-down issues, and during this time period, if you post something, the App may not display it. In simple words, the app will behave strangely or may get stuck at one point.

Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions: 7 Quick Fixes

Now it’s time to solve Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions. Below are seven quick fixes.

#1. Check Your Internet Connection

Check Internet connection

Internet connection is most important. If the internet connection is slow, the app will not work normally, and you will face this issue. Sometimes, your image or reel didn’t get posted due to poor internet speed. In such cases, wait for some time or restart your phone.

#2. Use 30 Or Fewer Hashtags

Use 30 Or Fewer Instagram Hashtags

We have learned about the maximum hashtags limit above. So when Instagram showing error while adding captions just check the number of hashtags. If the number exceeds 30, decrease it to 30 or less. After doing this post again.

#3. Use Short Captions

Use short captions

Like hashtags, it’s important to take care of the maximum length of the Caption. Now we have told you the maximum character limit for the caption; you can easily check it. Try to remove some characters and post again. Instagram will not show any error if the character length is less than 2400.

#4. Use Fewer Mentions

Use Fewer Instagram Mentions

The same rule applies to mentions also. You have to follow the maximum limit of mentions. Make sure you are using 20 or fewer mentions, and your problem is solved.

#5. Follow All Policies

Instagram has multiple policies and rules, so make sure to follow all of them. However, in the case of adding captions, you have to remember only a few. First and most importantly, don’t post anything illegal, hateful, sexual, etc. Similarly, don’t use banned hashtags. You can easily learn Instagram Policies here.

#6. Update Instagram

Update Instagram sometimes helps to fix instagram showing error while adding captions issue

Using outdated apps results in many issues, which also happens in the case of Instagram. If you are using an outdated version of Instagram, just go to the Play Store or App Store and update your app instantly. Now, use the app again and start posting, remembering all the above causes in mind.

#7. Wait Or Report To Meta

Wait Or Report To Meta

If you are following all rules and policies and have tried all the above fixes, you don’t have to do anything. Maybe the server down is the main cause of your issue. In that case, just relax and wait for some time. After some time, when Instagram servers are back, you will not face any issues. To solve this, you can also report your issue to Meta.

Wrapping Up

Instagram Showing Error While Adding Captions is very irritating, but after going through this article, it will not irritate you anymore. We have thoroughly discussed the causes of the issues and quick fixes for them. Now, try to prevent the causes or reasons, and in case you are facing an issue, you can follow the quick fixes.


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