Instagram Affiliate Marketing: Influencer guide for Passive Income

Instagram Affiliate Marketing_ Influencer guide for Passive Income

Instagram affiliate marketing is one spot destination for product companies. They are looking for influencers on the platform for promotions. Social Media is a platform where both advertisers and publishers leverage each other for mutual gains. Instagram affiliate marketing especially is a unique platform, because the engagement rate on the platform is very high. In this post, I’ll explain to you how you can make money with Instagram affiliate marketing.

If you are an influencer then you need to clutch on the traffic aspect of your Instagram profile. And drive targeted traffic that may interest a lot of sales. Here you are not required to do anything, Rather you just have to work as an intermediate between customer and product. There are platforms too for marketing. But Instagram affiliate marketing far exceeds them in terms of affiliate partners and revenue. So if you had a second thought about Instagram, You should probably drop it.

What is Instagram affiliate marketing & how it works?

Before understanding the term Instagram affiliate marketing, Lets dug deeper into affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Definition – Affiliate Marketing is a process where a person earns a commission when they do a successful sale of the affiliate product or service.

Great, Now what’s Instagram affiliate marketing. It’s affiliate marketing with Instagram that’s it. Here the influencer or the publisher come into an agreement with affiliate companies. They both agree on some terms about commissions and sales. Once the influencer approves the affiliate product, Then the influencer starts promoting the third party product. In layman’s language, It is like an advertisement, but you get paid when someone purchases something from your link. And when you make those affiliate sales you are called an influencer. The whole process is called Instagram affiliate marketing.

Where to find this company?

You don’t have to find them they may directly contact you if you have authority in your niche. In case, you don’t get a direct invitation even though you have your business email on your profile. Then you can use the affiliate marketplace, What is that now? Affiliate marketplaces are nothing but a website, where both influencers and advertisers come together. Here you can find many companies happy to pay you a handsome commission for their product sales.

Why do companies choose influencers and not Google or Facebook for Advertisement?

Many people who are new to this industry. Have questions like this. Why pay a commission when you can advertise your product for peanuts on advertisement platforms like Adsense. The answer to that is when they advertise through third party advertisement companies like google. They do not have the control to show advertisements. Yes, they can target people geographically but what is the possibility of sales if you target a thousand random people. It is way too less. It may work fine for big companies like adobe. Because adobe is a product that many millions of users use around the globe.

But if they try the same marketing techniques for a product such as a house repair tool kit. That may not interest a lot of people. Ya, there may be people who love to fix things by themselves. But a lot of people simply don’t. This strategy of advertising masses without specific will hurt the pocket of product companies and will not generate sales. In a different scenario, they take the help of influencers like you. Let’s take the same example but this time, The affiliate company decides to come with an affiliate contract with an influencer, Who posts different techniques and tips for house repairing on his Instagram profile. In this case, the conversion rate of sales will drastically take a spike because the affiliate company advertised to people, who may be interested in their product.

3 steps process to make money from Instagram affiliate marketing

1) Identifying your niche

If you have pain in your teeth, Whom you would like to visit. A dentist or chef. Obviously A dentist. The same logic goes for affiliate products. If a company wants to promote its product they will look for an Instagram profile in its domain. So the very first step of our mission to make money from Instagram affiliate marketing. Is to identify your niche.

There are hundreds of micro-niche affiliate products available on the internet with whom you can partner and start making sales. But signing up with all of them won’t be a correct choice. If you are a coking niche profile, That means you share content related to cooking. Then you can sign up with a cooking affiliate program. If your profile is scattered with different niche post then you should focus on a single profile niche. Or create multiple Instagram page for a different niche. Because in Instagram affiliate marketing the amount of followers does not matter. But the quality of them does.

2) Choose your affiliate marketplace

Choosing an affiliate marketplace is a crucial part of Instagram affiliate marketing. After signing up with the third party platform. You are required to identify the best affiliate products that hold good reviews and credibility. Keep in mind do not promote products that offer high commission but are not good in quality and reviews. Because when you are selling the product to your followers. They will evaluate your choice of products and will judge your future recommendation with speculation. This may result in a decline of loyalty among your followers. Focus on building long-term relationships and avoid short-term gains. Here is some good affiliate marketplace that almost all influencers use.

Amazon associates




3) Promoting products

You may have this question, What are some good ways to promote the products. I’ll share with some popular method a lof of Instagram affiliate marketers uses.

Bio is powerful

A healthy rule of affiliate marketing is to stick with few products. If you are a fitness profile. Then you may add a link of protein shake in your bio link. Only add the most popular product link in your bio.

Make use of Stories

Instagram stories are the most popular on the internet. You can put as many links in your stories. Let’s again take an example of protein shake. After you post some motivational quotes about bodybuilding you can also drop a post about some good protein shake. Then you can ask if anyone would like to purchase the product. Chances are after watching Arnold Schwarzenegger your follower may pump up and give you a sale.

Posts with review

This is the classic method to advertise affiliate links. At first, Instagram post a video or image of a certain product. And ask your followers to purchase it. You can also ask for a sample from the affiliate company and do a review of the product. In this case, You can also identify the quality of the product your selling.

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  1. Hi By Jano, recently I read your article and want to share my thought with you Now, let’s examine how you may make money as an affiliate marketer using Instagram – the procedure is a bit different than it is with other success in achieving traffic sources. You may just create a post on social media, including your affiliate link, and call it a day on most social networking sites. However, because you can’t place clickable links in normal feed posts on Instagram, you’ll have to be a little more inventive!


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