How to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation

How to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation

Learn How to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with professionals in your domain. It is also useful to find potential employment, Recruiters spent most of their time on LinkedIn only. If you have send someone an invitation to connect, But now you don’t want to connect with the person. You can easily withdraw your invitation. The method to withdraw the invitation of LinkedIn is quite straightforward. But there are some limitations; After you withdraw a LinkedIn invitation. I’ll share with you other information as well in brief.

Things To Remember:-

  • Once you have withdrawn the LinkedIn invitation for a person, page, or event. You won’t able to send an invitation for the same, For a period of 3 weeks.
  • LinkedIn does not allow you to withdraw all your invitation at once. So, If you have multiple invitations than you have to manually withdraw an invitation from each one.
  • LinkedIn does not send any notification or message to the other party, In response to your invitation withdrawal.
  • In case, Your invitation has been accepted before you could withdraw. You can easily remove them from your connection.

How to withdraw a LinkedIn invitation

1) First visit, You can also follow the method on your mobile phone.

2) When on Homepage, On the top navigation bar, click on the My Network section.

3) Here, You’ll see all the pending invitations request you have received. Click on See All.

4) Here navigate to sent option from received invitations. Here, You’ll see all the people, pages, and events you have send invitation requests to.

5) Then you can click on the withdraw button, Next to the person profile. LinkedIn will ask for confirmation; And tell you that you won’t able to send an invitation for three weeks.

6) Once, You have withdrawn the invitation. LinkedIn will remove your request from the other party dashboard.

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