How To Win A Termination Of Parental Rights Case?

how to win a termination of parental rights case

In this article, we will see a long discussion about how to win a termination of parental rights case. Here is how you can win parental rights back from the court and there are many legal ways to do this. Make sure that you hire an experienced attorney for your work. This should be the first step. Here is the complete guide to complete this process.

To Learn How To Win A Termination Of Parental Tights In Court

As a matter of fact, Parental rights termination is one of the saddest things in the world. Many factors force the judge to make this decision. However, you can win back parental rights but under certain limits. You have to go through some legal process and then you can win back the parent-child custody.

Some do not know how this can happen or what factors can lead to the rights termination of the patient. So here is a detailed explanation of how to win a termination of parental rights.

If you are looking for information on the same topic then you are at the proper place. This is a complete guide to getting parental rights back by legal means.

What Is Parental Rights Termination?

Parental rights termination means the relationship between a parent and the child ends on the court order. Various factors decide if parental rights need to be terminated or not. it is not written that only one parent’s rights will be terminated.

The court can terminate the rights of both parents. All these decisions come under family court. Only the judge of the family court has this right to terminate the parental rights of parents. When a family fails to support the child then this decision passes by the court.

Factors That Can Lead To The Parental Rights Termination

Here is a list of some causes that can force you to leave the child’s custody as well as all the parental rights. So make sure that you avoid all these things while fighting for a prenatal rights case.

  • Abusive parents- if you abuse your child mentally and physically then the court can terminate your parental rights. Drug and alcohol abuse also comes under this.
  • If you fail to support your child financially. Financial stability for both parents is necessary. Because a child depends on their parents for all their needs.
  • If you have abandoned your child then the court will terminate all your parental rights. If a witness gives a statement that you have abandoned your child then the court immediately terminates the rights of both parents.
  • If you fail to communicate with your child for more than one year. Then the court has all the right to terminate the parental rights.

These are some of the common reasons for parental rights termination. If any of the above applies to you then be careful. Because there is a high chance that your parental rights terminate.

Tips To Win Parental Rights Again

Here are some tips that you can use to win parental rights. Make sure that you follow all to get the best results.

Take Help From A Family Law Attorney

Sometimes judges may see the child’s help perspective only and decide in their favor. A lawyer can help you to change your perspective. If the parental rights are terminated seeing the child’s safety then you can join the parental classes and many addiction-free programs.

These things will make the judge reconsider their decision. Make sure that you go to court with proper proof.

Fill A Re-Evaluation

If you are not satisfied with the Judge’s decision then you can fill in for the re-evaluation. In the re-evaluation process, a different judge will be assigned to your case. And he will evaluate the whole case again and then give the decision. The attorney can help you to go through the re-evaluation process.

Have Some Patience

When your case is in re-evaluation try not to show your aggressive behavior to the other parent. This thing can work against you. So it is highly recommended to not show aggressive behavior during the whole process.

Follow Court Visits

It is very necessary to obey the court orders. Because if you will show impatience and aggressive and disrespectful behavior then it might go completely against you.

If the court has given you hearing dates then make sure that you present ideas and complete all the paperwork. This will show your sensitivity. And it will benefit you a lot during the re-evaluation time.

Role Of Foster Care In Parental Rights Termination

The role of foster care is very important. When the court terminated the parental rights. And if there is no one to take care of the child the child goes to the foster care. They take care of the child until the child finds suitable custody.

A child can live in foster care from 15 months to 22 months. However, this period extends too. Various factors play a role in the time extension period for foster care. The main reason is not finding suitable custody for the child.


In conclusion, here is how you can win parental rights back from the court. You have to take help from an experienced attorney for this. Make sure that you are on your best behavior in court. A lot of paperwork is required in getting parental rights back. So if you hire an attorney then all the paperwork will be held by him on your behalf.

Also, the chances of getting the custody back increase with the help of an attorney. Here are all the different things that you can try to get your child custody back. It is not impossible to get the parental rights back. If you follow the right guide then you will get what you want. Hope you all will find out how to win a termination of parental rights case and this is helpful.

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