How to Watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick?

how to watch yellowstone for free on firestick

Yellowstone Series is an American-based TV Series, its first episode premiered in 2018, and until now it has been getting positive responses from the Audience. Moreover, Yellowstone TV Series’ official distributor is Paramount Network, hence you can watch it on Paramount Network TV Channel or on its app on Firestick. As of now, unfortunately, you cannot watch Yellowstone for free on Firestick. There isn’t any legal method for you to watch it for free. Although you can watch the first season of the Yellowstone series for free on Paramount Network App without signing in. To watch the rest of the series you need to subscribe to Paramount Plus. Maybe in the future, Paramount Network might make available all episodes for free.

In this article, we will mention 7 methods to watch Yellowstone TV Series on Firestick, and for an international audience, we will mention two methods to watch the Yellowstone series. At last, we will end this article with an FAQ section to check it out.

Overview – Yellowstone Series


As a matter of fact, There was a new American television series called Yellowstone that premiered on June 20, 2018. Until now, they have released 5 seasons, the fifth season premiered on November 13, 2022, on the Paramount network.

The series got a positive response from the audience, and people were eager to watch its fifth season.

In the movie, there is a story that tells of the Dutton family, which is the largest ranch owner in Montana. A character in this series John Dutton faces threats to sell his ranch to criminals and politicians who want to build the first national park on his Ranch.

The plot revolves around the family drama and how John overcomes these challenges. As of now Yellowstone’s 5 seasons and 42 episodes have been premiered.

How to Watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick –  7 Ways

There are seven ways for you to watch the Yellowstone series on Firestick.

#1. Paramount Network

Paramount Network

Yellowstone TV Series is produced and published by Paramount network, so the best way to watch the Yellowstone series is on Paramount Network. Paramount Networks app is available on Firestick, all you have to do is download and install this app and create your account.

Downloading the Paramount Network app on Firestick is the same as watching it on Paramount Network TV Channel.

  • While the first season is free on the Paramount Network app, there is a free season of the Yellowstone TV Series.
  • For other seasons and episodes, you have to buy a Paramount+ subscription.
  • Which is available monthly and annually.

  • Monthly – $4.99 | Annual – $49.99

#2. Sling TV

Sling TV is an American TV streaming service. This is another method to watch the whole Yellowstone series.

With a Sling Blue membership, you’ll get 50+ channels to the stream which includes Paramount Network. Sling Blue membership will cost you $40 a month and you can also record content for up to 10 hours for offline viewing.

For now, either you can install the Paramount Network app on your Firestick and buy a monthly subscription which will cost you $4.99, or you can take a Sling TV Subscription for $40 a month, however, with this subscription you will get various other channels as well.

Please note – At the time of creating this article, Sling TV is offering Paramount channel in their subscription but please recheck it before buying as they might have changed the channels.

#3. Amazon Prime Video

The third method to stream the Yellowstone series is to buy Amazon prime subscription.

Yes, Prime video also offers you to stream all seasons of the Yellowstone TV series. However, a problem here is Yellowstone series isn’t included in its Prime video subscription plan. That’s why after subscribing to Prime video, you have to buy individual seasons of the Yellowstone series.

  • Every episode of Yellowstone costs $2.99 while every season costs $19.99
  • The Yellowstone series has 5 Seasons and 42 episodes until now.
  • Amazon Prime Video membership – $8.99 a month

It isn’t much cost-effective however if you already have an Amazon Prime Video subscription, you can check out the latest pricing of the Yellowstone TV Series.

#4. YouTube TV

YouTube TV is available to download on Firestick, fortunately, YouTube TV list 100+ channels in its subscription, in which Paramount Network TV Channel is available. The YouTube TV subscription will cost you $64.99 a month and you will be able to watch all seasons of the Yellowstone series.

For now, YouTube TV is running an offer to get a YouTube subscription for $54.99 for 3 months and later on you will be charged $64.99 but you can cancel anytime (Only for new users)

Check offer – YouTube TV Offer

#5. Philo TV

Philo TV is another TV Streaming service, which includes Paramount Network. Currently, Philo TV isn’t offering many channels it offers more than 60 channels which don’t include sports channels or premium entertainment channels. As of now, one month Philo subscription plan will cost you $25 and you can watch all episodes of the Yellowstone TV series.

Which is also a cost-effective method.

#6. Vidgo

Vidgo on Firestick is a TV streaming service that includes the Paramount Network channel in its subscription.

  • Vidgo has four subscription plan
  • For 150+ Channels – $79.95 a month | For 110+ Channels – $59.95 a month
  • Includes Paramount Network channel
  • After buying a subscription you can watch all episodes of the Yellowstone TV Series.
  • 20 hours of free DVR for the first 90 days

See Vidgo Plans

#7. Fubo TV

Fubo TV is another American TV Streaming Service, and Paramount Network channels are included in their TV Standard Subscription. The TV Standard Subscription plan will cost you $64.99 a month.

In this plan, you will also get 30 hours of cloud recording for offline viewing. To watch Yellowstone’s all episodes you will require 37 Hours & 34 Minutes.

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How to Watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick Without a Cable?

How to Watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick Without a Cable

Peacock TV is a great option to watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick without a cable. Although you only get the first episode of Yellowstone for free for the rest of the series you have to buy a Peacock Premium subscription.

Cost of Peacock Premium Subscription – $4.99 + tax a month

How to Watch Yellowstone from Anywhere in the World?

As Yellowstone is an American series and streaming platform that mainly streams on American streaming services. So if you are an international audience, you can stream Yellowstone with Amazon Prime subscription. 

Else you can use VPN services to access American streaming services.

#1. Use ProtonVPN to watch Yellowstone for International Audience

Steps – 

1. Go to the Home Screen of Firestick > Navigate to the Find tab.

2. In the Find tab select the Search tile.

Select the search tile

3. Now, search for ProtonVPN.


4. Then, Go to ProtonVPN and tap on the Download or Get button.

5. Then, Open the ProtonVPN app and sign in by making your account.

6. Now, select the VPN Server location – United States & click on Connect

7. Once you get connected to a VPN with server location United States, you can choose the streaming service, buy it subscription and watch the Yellowstone series.

Watch Yellowstone Series on Amazon Prime Video in Australia, the UK, and Canada without VPN

Amazon Prime Video subscription is an option for you to watch the Yellowstone series without downloading VPN. All you have to do is buy an Amazon prime subscription and then rent or buy Yellowstone TV Series.

Until now, Amazon Prime isn’t offering Yellowstone Series with its subscription, that’s why you have to buy per episode or per season on Amazon Prime.

Its pricing is $2.99 per episode or $19.99 per season, although you can check its new pricing, current pricing is mentioned above.

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FAQs – How to watch Yellowstone for Free on Firestick

#1.  Can you watch Yellowstone on Firestick?

Yellowstone TV Series is produced and published by Paramount Network. Therefore you can watch the Yellowstone TV series on Firestick either by downloading the Paramount Network app or by Paramount Network Channel.

Other than that, Yellowstone TV Series is also available on Amazon Prime but you have to purchase individual episodes or seasons on Amazon prime video.

#2. How can I watch Yellowstone?

As the Yellowstone TV series is produced and published by Paramount Network you can watch the Yellowstone TV series either by downloading their app or on their TV Channel. Amazon Prime also offers Yellowstone streaming but it charges for individual episodes or seasons.

#3. Where can I watch Yellowstone?

Following are the platforms where you can watch Yellowstone TV Series –

  1. Paramount Network TV Channel and App (First season free & then $4.99 monthly subscription)
  2. Amazon Prime Video (Subscription + $19.99 per season)
  3. YouTube TV ($64.99 monthly subscription)
  4. Sling TV ($40 monthly subscription)
  5. Philo TV ($25 monthly subscription)
  6. Vidgo ($60 – $80 per month according to channels you select)
  7. Fubo TV ($64.99 per month)
  8. Peacock ($4.99 a month + tax)

#4. Will There Be a Season 6 of Yellowstone?

Yes, there will be 6th season of the Yellowstone series, and it’s likely to premiere in November 2023.

#5. Is Yellowstone Series Free on Amazon Prime Video?

Unfortunately, it isn’t free in fact, the Yellowstone TV Series isn’t included in Amazon prime video subscription. You have to subscribe to Amazon prime plus you have to buy every season or episode of the Yellowstone Series.

Per episode – $2.99 | Per season – $19.99

Final Words

These were the ways to watch Yellowstone on Firestick with several ways. If you want to watch it for free, you can ask or use your friend’s account Paramount account for streaming the TV Series.

But if you want a straightforward and affordable method, then you can install the Paramount Network app on Firestick, watch the First season for free, and you can subscribe to the Paramount premium plan, which will cost you $5.

That’s for this how to watch Yellowstone for free on Firestick article

I hope you find this article helpful, thanks for reading…

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