How To Wash UGG Comforter {Help Guide}

How To Wash UGG Comforter {Help Guide}

Here are all the possible ways to wash a UGG comforter. You will not require any other thing to wash these. All you need to do is keep some things in mind while washing and make sure you give it a good read.

Tips for washing UGG comforter

UGG comforters are used worldwide. They are very comfy and give a cozy vibe while sleepy. Everyone wants a good sleep after a long day, especially in winter. Cold countries are using ugg comforters more than anything. But the wash cycle of the ugg comforters is more complex. You can not just wash them in the washing machine. Here is how to wash the ugg comforter. If you will pass these with regular clothes then you will end up destroying them. So, try not to wash them with a washing machine.

The ugg comforters

If you want to wash the ugg comforter then first you should learn about the different comforters. There are two types of comforters. Thin and thick are the two types. The thick one goes on the thin one. You can easily wash the thin one. But the main problem arises with the thick one that goes on the thin comforter. However, you can wash the upper thick comforter twice or thrice in a season. It does not require regular washing. But it also depends on how you keep your bed.

How to remove the stain on the ugg comforter?

You will need heavy-duty detergents to remove the stains. Make sure that you locate all the stains in one go. Do not repeat this process again and again. Because it will destroy the fabric. Put the detergent on the stain and use a soft brush to rub the area. Do not harshly rub the surface. Now repeat the whole process on the backside. Now wash the comforter with cold water.

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Steps to wash an ugg comforter

Here are all the steps to wash the ugg comforter. This is the only way to wash these without any damage.

1) Remember that you always have to wash these with cold water. Never use hot water to wash the comforter. Always select the gentle wash setting to wash the ugg blanket.

2) Machine washing is important for the ugg covers. Of course, here the only thing you need to do is ensure that you add no more than 2 tablespoons of the detergent powder. Do not add any kind of fabric softener. Because the fabric softeners will damage the blanket’s soft feathers.

3) So, after the cycle is over, you can make sure to wash it in another cycle here. But this time do not add any detergent. This will make sure that all the detergent is removed from the comforter. Remember to use mild detergent, harsh detergents can make the blanket rough.

4) Now the most important step is to dry the comforter. With the temperature of the water, the drying temperature matters the most. And drying can take hours. So you have some patience for this. Set the dryer to the lowest temperature. And remove the comforter every 10 minutes to see if there is any feature clump.

5) It is recommended that you do not dry your comforter in direct sunlight. As a result of this, the fabric will be damaged in some way. So you have to be careful even in the drying of the sherpa ugg comforter.

This is how you can wash the comforter in a washing machine. Do not follow any other steps or add any washer while washing. Because comforters are extremely soft and sensitive.

How often you should wash a comforter?

If you wash the comforter by hand then it will be best. Because if you have a comforter then you should not wash it regularly. Once or twice in a season is good. Unless you have stained the comforter. Do not wash it like clothes and try to avoid as many stains. Because the more you stain the more you wash and the more it will damage. It is a very sensitive thing so if you want to keep the coziness in your bed then you have to keep it with great safety.


In conclusion, here are the ways to wash your ugg comforter. Ugg comforters are extremely soft and made of features. It is important to note that you should not wash them regularly and you should not wash them in hot water either. And place them in direct sun heat. Because this damages the features and eventually all the softness will be gone. As soon as the winter season goes make sure that you put them away in a separate box. Just for safety purposes. Hope you all will learn from this article how to wash the UGG comforter without getting into any trouble.

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