How To Wash A Nike Tech Fleece {A Guide}

How To Wash A Nike Tech Fleece {A Guide}

To keep your Nike tech fleece garments in proper condition, it is important to know how to wash a Nike tech fleece.

Be sure to check the care label before you throw away your Nike tech fleece read it twice every once in a while and keep those instructions in mind. Because this care label lays out the best instructions on the washing process for you to follow. So it is essential that you follow it. So if you follow those instructions your clothes will be in perfect condition no matter the weather conditions.

How To Wash A Nike Tech Fleece Garments?

Before putting it in the washing machine, turn your garments inside out. It will keep the fabric free from the damage. Also, make sure that zips and Velcro are fastened to avoid any damage to them. Always use cold water for washing in the washing machine.

The heat setting should be not more than 30 degrees centigrade. Heat may damage the fabric from joggers to jackets. So, avoid using hot water and dryer for your Nike tech fleece garments.

Also, don’t use heavy detergent; Besides use a mild detergent that is for delicate fabrics. Avoid fabric softener as it may coat the fleece and make your fleece less air circulation system.

How To Dry Tech Fleece After Washing?

Avoid putting it in the dryer instead hang it up to make it dry. Heat may damage the garment and make it shrink. You may lay it to flat dry to protect its shape and size. It is recommended by Nike that hanging is the best way to tech fleece garments for drying.

As it will preserve the shape of the garment and prevent shrinkage of the fabric too. However, if you want to dry your tech fleece garment in the dryer then use the lowest heat setting mode. Also, remove your garment early from the dryer to prevent it from getting wrinkle-free.

So, the proper temperature should be maintained while washing and drying your Nike tech fleece to avoid any shrinkage or, wrinkle on the fabric.

What Material Does Nike Tech Fleece Made Of?

Nike tech fleece is made up of a blend of cotton and polyester and was first introduced in the year 2013. After that, it has been one of the most popular fabrics in the market. This fabric is comfortable as well as durable.

It is also a lightweight and breathable property material. That makes it soft jersey fabric to wear and creates a new revolution in the fabric world. The varieties of jackets, joggers, and hoodies keep our celebrities and fashion bloggers comfortable in its collection.

The colorful range of it is also attractive. From deep royal blue, canyon purple, rust, and light bone to classic white and Sulphur black, so many colors are available in the market for everyone. The tech part is used as it keeps your body heat to keep you warm in cool weather conditions.

Other Washing Instructions For Nike Tech Fleece

Do not use harsh scrubbing tools like brushes or, sponges while hand washing your fleece. These steps may damage the delicate fibers of your garment. Making pilling and also fading the color of the fabric.

Wash your tech fleece with soft hands to remove dirt or, stains from it. You may also use a wet cloth dipped in mild detergent to wash your favorite garment. Avoid using the machine dryer to dry it after washing.

Instead use air drying in your open space to avoid shrinkage. If required then use the tumble dryer on a low heat mode setting and remove it as soon as possible.

End Note

Hope this simple and easy way of washing and drying your Nike tech fleece will be helpful for you. Thus, must read the label of your garment before washing it. Just by taking some easy precautions make your Nike tech fleece durable and in good condition for a long time. In this way, your garment will remain like new with the passage of years.

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