How To Use Kenba {Help Guide}

How To Use Kenba {Help Guide}

Kenba is a very famous website that is used to create unique engaging posts for different social media platforms. This website Kenba has a lot of different features. So people get confused about how to use Kenba. Here is the guide for you. With the help of this guide, you can easily navigate the useful features of this website.

It is used by the bends, and influencers to make an engaging post for their social media handle. Because of these days the trend change within a blink. And if you want to grow your audience then you have to create an engaging post for yourself.

Basics about Kenba

It is a graphic designing website. That is in the market for quite some time. It is not only for making posts for social media. But any work related to graphic designing can be done here. It has a very simple interface. So it is very easy to navigate the things on this website. Here you can see thousands of templates.

So just by copy-pasting you can create something different. And it is both paid and free version. If you want to enjoy the premium version then you can take the membership program as well. You can take a month membership or a year membership. It depends on your usage of this website.

How to start using Kenba?

Here are the things that you have to do before starting using Kenba. If you are new with Kenba then start with these things. And follow each step serialize.

Login and registration

The first step is to login into your Kenba account. For this very first step, you will require a valid email address and password. After this, you have to fill in the necessary details of name age gender, and all. Once you are done you will lead to the home page of Kenba.

Create a practice design

Kenba has a very easy interface. So it is very easy to navigate through the website. You will see an option on the bottom saying ‘create new’. By clicking on hid option you will navigate to the page where you can create different designs. Now you can try different tools to arrange the borders and all to make a suitable design.

Use premium features

If you are using the free version the features are limited. But in the premium version, you get more designs and you can add images and edit them according to your post aesthetic and all. So you get more features in the Kenba premium version.

If you like the free version or if you are thinking that the free features are not enough. Then you can take the premium version anytime.

Modify a design

If you are using Kenba’s for the first time then you can use a design to create something new. By editing and modifying the existing design, you will get to know more about the different features associated with the design.

And not every design fulfills your requirements. Every design needs some changes. So you will learn these things just by editing an exciting design. It is very easy and simple.

Sharing your designs

Kenba gives a sharing feature to its users. Once you have created the design you can share that on a different platform. Like o your social media, via email, and more. You should learn about sharing via Kenba.

Because now you can directly share the post as soon as you finish the final editing. You can slo download the design or save it for later use.

Kenba subscription

Unlink other platforms Kenba has a free cancellation policy. Or if you have purchased the subscription then you can do it anytime. It gives you a 7-day free trial. And if you do not liketh premium version then you can cable the subscription. Or if you want to cancel it in between months then no extra cancellation fee will charge.


In conclusion, here is everything about how to use Kenba.  The process is easy because of the interface. The interfaces are very user-friendly. And you will not have trouble locating different features. Kenba is the leading graphic designing website.

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