How To Use Gourmia Air Fryer {A Guide}

How To Use Gourmia Air Fryer {A Guide}

Air fryers have gained the hype in recent years. Because they help in cooking healthier meals. These meals are best for those who are looking for ways to eat healthy homemade food. Because now cooking food with the air fryer is just a button away. In the long list of air fryer providers, Gourmia has gained a special name. Here is the guide about how to use gourmia air fryer because it has very advanced features.

So If you’re using an air fryer for the first time then you might get confused about how to use this and how to manage all the features together. Here we will discuss about use of this air fryer along with the preventive measures.

Basics About The Gourmia Air Fryer

Before going into the main working process, it is essential to understand the basics of this air fryer. The air fryer consists of a heating element, a fan, and a cooking basket. The basket is where you place the food, the heating element generates the heat and the fan spreads the heat in the whole basket.

Hence cook all portions of the food evenly. It makes the outer layer crispier. You have to apply a little oil on the outer layer of the food to make it crispier.

Features Offered By Gourmia Air Fryer

There is a list of different features offered by the Gourmia air fryer. These features help in cooking different styles of food. These features also help you to understand the workings of this air fryer.

Air Frying One of the prime features is this. This feature ensures that the hot air is frying the food without any need for oil in it.

Roasting You can roast anything in this air fryer. Like meat, vegetables add more. Some air fryers do not allow roast meat. Because it is a hard task to roast meat in the air fryer. But Gourmia air fryer does this effortlessly. 

Dehydrating– This is the unique feature of this air fryer, here you can remove the water content of the fruits and vegetables and make them dry at home.

Make Fries and Wings Here you will get a specific section to cook these items. Because of the slight difference in cooking. These items have separate cooking instructions in Gourmia air fryer.

Tips For How To Use Gourmia Air Fryer

There are those things that you have to keep in mind while using this air fryer. Air fryers are electric machines. So if you do not handle them with proper care and safety then they will damage very easily. So you have to use the same process to cook food in the air fryer.

Preheating The Air Fryer

One key step to ensure optimal cooking results is preheating the air fryer. This process ensures that the cooking chamber reaches the desired temperature before you add your ingredients.

Simply set the Gourmia Air Fryer to the recommended preheating temperature for a few minutes, and you’ll be ready to cook.

Selecting The Right Temperature And Time

The Gourmia Air Fryer comes with a temperature control feature, allowing you to adjust the cooking temperature according to the recipe requirements. As a general rule, start with a moderate temperature and adjust based on your preferences and the specific dish you’re preparing. Additionally, set the cooking time accordingly, keeping in mind that air frying is often faster than traditional methods.

Use Stop Button

The best thing about this air fryer is that you can stop the cooking mid-way. There is a resume and stop button that you can use to immediately stop the cooking or stop the cooking for some time. This is the best for all the busy working house owners. This feature can be used in a lot of different ways according to the need.

Remove Labels From The Food

If you are using the freezer food to cook in this house make sure that you remove will type of labels. Because of the hot air, the labels can catch fire and damage the air fryer and food as well. So inspect the food with proper are and then place it in the fryer.

Do Not Overfill The Basket

Never try to cook a large batch in the air fryer. Every air fryer has a different capacity. So you have to make sure that you use only small portions to cook in the air fryer. This will not apply much load on the fryer. And the food will be cooked in a good manner.

Choose The Cooking Type

You have to select the cooking type after placing your food in the basket. The dial pad of the air fryer has clear instructions for what type of cooking that you require. Press that button to set the time and temperature. And leave the air fryer. The food will be prepared in that time.


In conclusion, Here is how to use Gourmia air fryer. It is very easy to use. Because all the instructions are mentioned on the dial pad of this fryer. So all you have to do is set the time temperature and the type of cooking. Make sure that you take all the mentioned preventive measures. So this will ensure the long life of your air fryer. 

This guide is especially for the Gourmia air fryer because other air fryers do not have these types of features. 

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