How To Untap Your Phone {Quick Guide}

How To Untap Your Phone {Quick Guide}

Phone tapping is very common these days. And the chance of security issues increases with phone tapping. There are numerous ways to untap your phone. But it does not mean that every trick will work for you. So here is the guide on how to untap your phone. These are some best methods to untap your phone.

If you have a device like a smartphone then its security comes first because the private data is in our phones. So if someone has access to our phone then they can do anything with our data. Untapping increases the security of the device and then helps in keeping the data secure for a long time.

Basics About Phone Tapping

Before going into the details of how to untap your phone, You must understand the meaning of phone taping. Phone taping means that a third party person is listening to your conversation on the phone. And you have not given them consent to listen to that conversation, there are various methods to do the phone taping.

It is very common these days. It is an illegal act. Hence if someone gets caught doing this then they have to go to jail and even pay the fine for this act.

Different Ways For How To Untap the Phone

Here is the list of different methods that you can use to untap the phone. Make sure that you try all. It is the only option to increase the security of your device.

#1. Use Aeroplane Mode

Remember that to tape a phone to the device, you must have an active internet connection. Once you turn off your data and Wi-Fi on your mobile phone, and then activate airplane mode on your device, it will become untappable immediately. However, this is the temporary solution to the problem.

#2. Change Your Contact Number

The phone tapping requires your phone number. So if you want to get rid of this problem permanently then change your contact number. As soon as you insert the new active sim in your phone or if you change from sim one to sim to another phone then it will untap. As a result, the third person will no longer be able to listen to your conversations.

#3. Disable Call Forwarding

If your call forwarding is disabled then your phone is at high risk of phone tapping. So make sure that you go into the phone settings and close the call forwarding. It is the essential key for phone tapping.

#4. Use Call Blocker

Cal blocker is a method in which you can block an unknown number call on your phone. So you will only receive calls from those numbers that are saved in your phone. So make sure that you use those features. You can use any external apps to block these calls on your phone.

Different Signs That Show Your Phone is Tapping

Some specific signs can tell you that your phone is on tap. If you remain cautious about these signs, you can save your data immediately. As soon as you notice these signs immediately start phone untapping methods.

Here are those signs.

  1. If your phone battery is drained too early it means your phone is tapped by some other person.
  2. If you notice a strange app on your mobile phone.
  3. When the phone is tapped, the most common things that misbehave in the phones are the mic and the camera. 
  4. If your emails are suddenly blocked then it is the sign of the phone tapping.
  5. When you start receiving many unwanted emails and pop-ups and If the amount is huge then it is a sign of the phone tapping.

Observe these signs on your phone and if you have doubts regarding phone tapping then do the above-mentioned tricks to protect your data.


In conclusion, Here is the guide on how to untap your phone. There are various ways to do this. And this guide will help you to do your phone untapping. Notably, Phone tapping can be very harmful to your data.

And your private conversations can be leaked, Your phone will start to behave strangely after tapping. Some signs will tell you about this. And if you will observe these then you will be able to save your phone.

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