How To Unmute Accounts On Instagram {A Guide}

How To Unmute Accounts On Instagram {A Guide}

Instagram is a very safe place. They are continuously changing their privacy policy. In recent times they have introduced a feature of account muting. If you do not like someone then you can mute their account. And after that, you will not see their posts and stories. But what if you will change your mind? Here is how to unmute accounts on Instagram. The process is very simple.

If you have the basic knowledge of Instagram then you will be able to do this in no time. As a lot of the steps will be mentioned here. So you have to follow these and your work will be done. 

Difference Between Muting and Unfollowing An Instagram account

You need to understand the basic difference between these two things. The using option is temporary. However, you can keep an account muted for as long as you want. But the person will remain on your friend list. But in unfollowing you will not be able to see the person in your friend list.

And if you want to add him again then you have to send a request to him. The common thing between these two things is that you will not see any posts or stories of that person.

Step For How To Unmute Accounts On Instagram

Here are the steps that you have to follow to unmute accounts on Instagram. Make sure that you follow all these as it is. And this is the only way to do this. So make sure to do it properly. You can mute a person by visiting their profile. 

  1. The first thing that you have to do is log in/ open your Instagram account with the right information. Launch the Instagram application
  2. Click on the Instagram profile icon present in the lower right corner. Instagram profile icon
  3. Now click on the three horizontal lines which are present in the top right corner. Instagram three horizontal dots
  4. From here click on the option stating ‘Settings and privacy”. Settings and privacy on Instagram
  5. After this, you will see an option saying “Muted accounts”. Tap on that option. Tap on Muted Accounts on Instagram
  6. And you will see all those accounts that you have muted. List of muted accounts
  7. Click on the desired account that you want to unmute. Tap on desired unmuted account
  8. Now you will transferred to the profile of that person. Muted account profile
  9. Here you have to click on the option saying “Following”. Click on the following option
  10. Now click on the option stating “mute”. Click on the mute option on instagram
  11. By clicking on the slider unmute the stories, posts, and notes whatever you want. Tap on the slider unmute the stories, posts, and notes

So using this way you can able to unmute that profile permanently.

Unmute Instagram profile

Reason To Unmute An Account

There are a few common reasons to unmute an Instagram account. If you have any of the following reasons you can unmute an account as well.

#1. Temporary Break: You might need a break from a particular user’s content, but you don’t want to unfollow them permanently. Unmuting allows you to take a breather and then reconnect later.

#2. Reducing Clutter: Your Instagram feed can get overcrowded, making it challenging to see content from your closest friends and favorite accounts. Muting less relevant accounts can streamline your feed.

#3. Avoiding Drama: Sometimes, you may want to avoid drama or conflicts by muting someone whose posts are causing tension.

#4. Privacy: Muting can be an excellent way to maintain privacy, especially if you don’t want an account to know you’re not actively following their content.


In Conclusion, Here is how to unmute accounts on Instagram. This guide will help you in doing this without any hassle. All you have to do this follow these steps to unmute an account. Muting is an option if you want to block someone for a temporary purpose.

You will not see their posts instagram stories or any other activities. However, if you want to get rid of that person permanently then you can choose to unfollow them.

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