How to Unlock all Mounts | Guild Wars 2 Free Online

How to Unlock all Mounts Guild Wars 2 Free Online

Guild War 2 is popular multiplayer online game which was developed by Arena Net. It is very famous and played all over the world.

You can check the official site :  Guildwars2 – Official Site

You have to download the installer first from the above website and then install the game.

It contains six popular mounts listed below,

1) Raptor

2) Springer

3) Skimmer

4) Jackal

5) Griffon

6) Roller Beetle

7)  War Claw

8) Sky Scale

Table of Contents

1) Raptor

How to Unlock all Mounts | Guild Wars 2 -Raptor

This is the basic and first mount to own when compared with remaining all five. You have to touch the Crystal Desert to get one of the Raptor in the game.

Raptor’s heart is filled fast by eating much number of carrots.

2) Springer

How to Unlock all Mounts | Guild Wars 2 -Springer

Raptor helps you to get this mount. Raptor should be trained until it reaches the Canyon Jumping which is the third mastery skill. And also you to go to the Springer mount in Desert Highlands. Then, finally you should gift the Stablemaster Unja with fifty trade contracts along with a gold.

3) Skimmer

How to Unlock all Mounts | Guild Wars 2- Skimmer

Skimmer is elegant which will be unlocked when train the raptor’s third mastery skill(Canyon Jumping). Then , move to skimmer mount area and pay four gold with fifty trade contracts.

Skimmer’s heart is filled by delivering apples to the hunger people in it’s area.

4) Jackal

Unlock mount Jackal

To own this, you need to roam across the whole desert in the Desolation with the help of Springer or Skimmer. You have to search for Drojkor and Spirit Squall and give them 20 gold and 200 trade contracts. This rewards you the Jackal.

5) Griffon

Unlock the mount -Griffon

This requires to complete the Path of fire in GW2.

..Path of fire starts when you are finding strange items like strange dropping, pellets ,and feathers etc.

Actually, this is a mount which is hidden in Crystal desert in path of fire.

6) Roller Beetle

Unlock the mount -Roller Beetle

The first two chapters in Eps.3 must be completed which are Long Live and Lich to unlock this mount. Then ,you are able to a quest from Gorrik in Domain of Kourna which rewards this Roller Beetle..

So, keep going slowly with the game until you unlock every mount..

And explore each and every place of Open World of the Tyria.

7) Warclaw

This is the only pvp focused mount in the whole game. But it can be used in World Vs World Mode. This is simple to get unlocked. We need one world ability point to unlock this. You have to buy this from Warclaw tender costing 8 gold coins.

8) Skyscale

This Is the latest mount added in the game.

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